I have a few fiends in bloglandia who love to stir up trouble. They have a talent for finding a pile of fly-covered poo and setting it on fire.
I’m not like that.
Sometimes I wish I were. They can make a short post, just a few sentences long and suddenly their comments section has 100 people in it all shouting and throwing things at each other while they sit back and snicker.
I get people who say things like “oh you’re too funny”. Maybe 2 of them.
Problem is, there isn’t a controversial bone in my body.
Stirring stuff up, to me, involves a quart of chicken broth, and controversy is using butter instead of oil for the roux.
Stepping out on that daring ledge means replacing the parsley with cilantro, or adding a tablespoon of fish sauce.

or wearing hot pink.

I consider myself daring by proxy.

I’ve ALWAYS been like that. Even in college, when I was in the SCA and took to wearing 12th century Norman dresses instead of the accepted 1980’s leggings and big hair, I wore bland colors and modest cuts, and people who didn’t know me thought I was a nun. When other women were wearing chain mail dresses, I was in navy linen. Even when I was OUT THERE I wasn’t really.

Still don’t really know how, tho Peaches did tease me once for wearing a teal blue vest (“that’s kinda bright, Rootie, are you sure you want to call attention to yourself like that?” I had told her about my fear of bright colors)

See what I mean, even when I want to point out that I’m not really a mousy brown wren, I come off as one.

OK Controversy, Rootie style…

I resent where our culture has gone, where it’s acceptable (even celebrated) for unmarried teenaged girls to have babies. There’s 2 in our church, and I am deeply grateful that they didn’t have abortions, but it’s backwards. First comes love, THEN comes marriage, THEN comes the baby in the baby carriage. There’s a reason for it, and people seem to have forgotten that.

I don’t want to government doing all that they do these days. State run programs tend to be more efficient, let the states handle education and health care. One Size Fits all doesn’t work with anything, whether it’s pantyhose or welfare.



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2 Responses to Controversy

  1. jerseechik says:

    How dare you say that! The government is Our Friend! Unity or Nothing! And you can’t dictate my choice(to have a baby before I’m married)!

    ….well, actually, I agree with you on both points, but being controversial sounded like so much fun…

  2. Cheelydawg says:

    Hear, hear. One Saturday morning, when I was managing the Winn Dixie in Monroe, I looked at my 4 cashiers, and all were under 18, unmarried, and pregnant. The thing is, they were all fairly intelligent, just horrible parenting, or lack of a “it takes a village” culture.

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