Happy Birthday #4!

Dear #4,
Happy Birthday! You’re my favorite 11 year old! I remember the day you were born, barely. I remember the first thing I said they held you up for me to see. I said “Wow he looks just like David!” Then I turned to your father and said “no more babies.” and he was fine with that. You are the exclamation point at the end of our family sentence, the pie at the end of the meal, the funny bit at the end of the movie. Man, you have been fun to have around, every single bit of it.

I see bits and pieces of all of us in you. You have your father’s sense of right and wrong, his steady demeanor, and his ability to get over anger quickly.

You’re artsy like me, loving color and style (well, let’s call it your very own sensibility), and sure of how things should be put together.

You have bits of your brothers as well. You look like Will….you look like a CLONE of Will. Except for your eyes, they’re dark blue like David’s.

You are sure of yourself like David. You know what’s right and wrong, and aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself or someone else.

You’re a crack shot like CJ, it’s not even something you’ve practiced. You throw up that .22 and hit the target.

You’re left handed like GrandDaddy and Uncle Scott.

You love to cook like Grandmother and me.

You garden like Gran.

You are a wonderful blend of the whole family, and we all love you very, very much and couldn’t be happier that you’re one of us.

Happy Birthday young man, and may you have another year of learning, growing, and all that other good stuff 11 yr olds are supposed to do!



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4 Responses to Happy Birthday #4!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Happy birthday, #4. Have a great year!

  2. Happy Birthday, #4!

    (I think I have a card at home for him that I bought when he turned 8 or 9 – and never mailed….I’m so good at this stuff, you know!)

  3. Happy birthday #4! From a stranger 🙂

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