It’s still good..

#4 and I went shopping today. It’s really nice to go shopping with a kid who doesn’t yet think he’s too cool to be seen with you.

Granted, I had to veto the shoes. He picked these black high top Nikes that had lime green trim and shiny things and were REALLY UGLY not to mention they wouldn’t have gone with anything he owns.

His second choice pair involved more shiny and vile colors and got vetoed as well. Third choice, solid black. Good for church, or play or whatever. I was reminded of a neighbor kid we had years ago, 12 yrs old and proud as punch of his ultraviolet shiny hightop basketball shoes. And, being 12, his feet were about 5 sizes bigger than the rest of him so he looked like he was standing in a pair of day-glo purple kayaks. Bless his heart.

However, the shoes he finally got pleased us both. Then we went looking for shirts. Polos for him, for church mainly, and some for me. As I was looking he found one he said he thought would look nice on me. So, even though I would never have given it a second look normally, I bought it. It’s kind of a red calico short sleeve thing in a feminine sort of cut, and darn if it doesn’t look kind of nice, and he is extremely pleased. I have often let Terry pick clothes out for me, because he’s really good at it, and when I do it I wind up with a stack of plain white shirts and denim skirts, and Terry has more imagination than I do where that’s concerned. Anyway, #4 seems to have inherited that talent.

After the clothes and all, I said “let’s get lunch.” and since Eli had requested Fried for his birthday supper and frankly, I didn’t feel like frying everything in the fridge, I took him to Vandy’s, a local Southern BBQ place that also fries everything they don’t barbeque. He had (bless his heart) fried chicken, fried pickles, fried okra, and french fries. The waitress looked startled, but I told her it was a birthday thing and I didn’t like to fry stuff at home.

Then we went cake shopping. First to the Dollar Store for decorations. Army guys, tanks, jeeps, that sort of thing. Then Red Velvet mix and cream cheese frosting….yes, I buy mixes and ready made frosting. He wants the cake to look like The Battle of Bastogne, so it will be snowy, and explosions, and men in foxholes. I love making crazy decorated cakes, and since I have NO skill, I go for the plastic dudes and explosions, because all you need is a bit of red food coloring and some imagination. Pictures forthcoming, maybe.

What a great day…spent with a cheerful and compliant 11 yr old.


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4 Responses to It’s still good..

  1. jerseechik says:

    Definitely post pics of the Battle, pls, and how does he know about Bastogne, anyway?
    I like the green shoes, actually, for a boy, anyway…

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Sounds like a fun day.

  3. Those shoes are….interesting (read; atrocious :P)

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