The soggy dingbat

I’ve decided that’s my new name. I tend to react, then think later. I like to think of myself as a rational person, but I’m probably not. Please refer to the blog header for more details.

Anyway, this dog of mine, Rosie. I spent 2 days weeping inconsolably because I was positive she was going to have to be put down. My favorite dog, the silly one with the mild neurosis and the sideways looks and the habit of sleeping on her back in the sun. The fierce one who chased off a pit bull 10 times her size, who burrows under blankets then makes her presence known by the tip of her cold wet nose peeping out. The one with the wierd ears and dainty paws. I as positive beyond any shadow of doubt she’d have to be euthanized, and I was darn near inconsolable.

yes, she’s a dog, not a child, I’ve already established that, but still I was NOT HAPPY.

However…yesterday, she showed a small sign of improvement. I put her on the grass, and she kind of got her back legs underneath her and up on her knees. This from her belly being flat on the ground and dragging. She still can’t use her legs, but she’s trying.

So, finally (because it takes a while for this sort of thing to occur to me, as I was not raised in the Internet Generation) I got online and looked up her condition. And, there’s hope. With TLC and ToT (tincture of time), certain meds, and very careful handling, she could recover. I have hope.

Then, this morning when I took her outside to pee (she needs help in the form of having her bladder mashed), she…holy crow!…pulled her back legs up out of the way! SHE MOVED HER BACK LEGS, PEOPLE! This, folks, is huge.

See, the vet told me she still had pain reflex in her back legs. I didn’t give this much thought until I read up on it on the internet. It meant that the nerve damage wasn’t complete. It meant that there really is hope of recovery. It just means she needs to be crated and handled gently for a couple of months, and since we don’t have plans to go anywhere…this is doable.

So, forgive my soggy hysteria of 2 days ago. I was reacting to Bad News and rather than seeking to inform myself, I chose to weep wildly and assume the worst.

now, that’s not to say she’s out of the woods. She still has trouble with her bodily functions and needs help. She’ll need to recover those, because we do travel and I cannot leave her to be fed once a day (like we normally do when we travel), and I just don’t know about the cost of boarding…tho I am considering it.

But the good news is, I am feeling cautiously optimistic, and that’s so much better than being all soggy and wiping my eyes with a sock.


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5 Responses to The soggy dingbat

  1. jerseechik says:

    If you travel, there may be a young person in your church who would LOVE to come give Rosie the appropriate TLC….

  2. SuperBee says:

    I’m so glad that it’s not a death sentence! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Poor goggie.

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