Thank you very much

Dear co-worker of Terry,
Thank you, you unmitigated incompetent jerk, for screwing up the first day off Terry has had since January. Thank you for taking the relaxed and comfortable man who was settling in with a plate of nachos and the race at Bristol and returning that crease between his eyes and the clenched jaw.
Just because you ran off your family with your selfishness and inability to relate doesn’t mean everyone else wants to be at work Sunday afternoon.
I have alot more I want to say but right now I am so angry at you I am wishing all sorts of nasty rashes and uncomfortable plantar warts on you. I don’t want you dead, I just want you to be so miserable you crawl under your unwashed comforter and whine, with no one to take care of you.

May you develop a rash resembling a venereal disease, you jerk.


I know, fine Christian attitude, but I have never claimed to be a fine Christian.


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I do what I can.
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4 Responses to Thank you very much

  1. jerseechik says:

    That bites. Give SD a hug for me, please.

  2. Bella Rum says:


  3. Stone Fox says:

    you forgot to say, “a pox on you! i hope you get a nasty spiny creature in your penis!!”

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