Poor Rosie!

Well, the weinerdog, bless her heart! Has a herniated disc. It’s a common issue with dachshunds. Dr. E. was all “you’ve got to send her to Athens (UGA Vet school) for an MRI and myelogram and surgery ”

to which I replied “I can’t afford that.”

to which he replied “well OK I’ll keep her for the weekend, blast her with steroids and she’ll be on bedrest for 6 weeks.”

That, I can do.

There is a very real risk that she’ll be paralyzed. Right now she *is*, but it depends on what happens after the inflamation of this disc goes down. If she remains paralyzed, Dad has offered to make her a little wheelchair. He as 2 of her sister dachsies, one of who is showing similar symptoms, and is quite fond of my Rosie. He’s made doggie wheelchairs before, and knows just what to do.

I now have images in my head of leetle Rosie, NASCARing around the house (we have laminate floors, no rugs anywhere) with her fancy wheels.

this is not rosie, but this is a wheelchair dachshund

what remains to be seen is how much control she’ll have over her bodily functions. Some dogs retain them, some have to be helped along daily. If that happens then she’ll have to be boarded at the vet when we travel. C’est la vie.


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2 Responses to Poor Rosie!

  1. Nichole says:

    Aw, poor pooch! I hope all goes well.

  2. JerseyChick says:

    Wow- that will be a change! I’m so glad your dad can help. Keep us posted!

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