just one dang thing after another

At least this time it’s not a kid or a spouse.

The Queen Bee and smallest of our 4 dachshunds, Rosy, has been been feeling out of sorts the past few days, not wanting to be touched, not her perky self, that sort of thing.

This morning, she got up, not using her back legs. Bad news for a weinerdog, generally signally significant back issues, possibly a herniated disc or even something more sinister.

So I looked it all up before taking her to the vet, and no, I did not call for an appointment, I just showed up. The thing about nerve/spine issues is that the sooner you start treatment (like, an hour can make a difference) the more likely a positive outcome. So, i showed up and made demands. Anyway, now she’s at the vet’s and they’ll see her soonest. No, I am not staying there and holding her little paw. It’s a dog, not a child. And no, I am not going to approve surgery. if anyone in the household gets surgery it’s Terry on his arm, and not a dog.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a wonderful pet, a cheerful and uplifting dog with an engaging personality and I love her dearly, as a pet. I will do whatever i can to make her happy and comfortable, except go into debt.

Now, according to stuff i’ve read, chances are she’ll need a course of steroids and bed rest. i can do that. daily pills and the crate in the living room so she’s around the rest of us…no problem. If she winds up paralized in her back end, I can deal with that too. Maybe on of those funky wheeled things, maybe she can drag herself around, I’ve seen weinerdogs do that without any serious problem. whatever it is, we’ll work it out.

So yeah, I’m concerned for her. But this is small potatoes compared to the other stuff.

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