ok so a couple of days ago I was all grief and remorse for having done something IMPETUOUS! HOMERIC!
And yeah I wish what I had done hadn’t caused such gnashing of teeth in others, but it did.


It seems to have had the desired effect, and that’s a good thing. Right? RIGHT!

Here’s what happened in a nutshell:

I got pissed. Livid even, with the hours Terry’s been working. 4:30 am to 7:30 pm Monday-Friday, 7am to 4 pm Saturday, and 7am to 3 or so Sunday, with a couple of hours out for church. No days off. None. Even the days off he might have would involve working from home. now, I love a man with a good work ethic but this is brutal. Since October. OCTOBER, PEOPLE…NEARLY 6 MONTHS. HE’S HAD OFF 4 DAYS IN 6 MONTHS, PEOPLE…

SO… I wrote a nasty and hot letter to…the owner of the company AND the owner of the corporation. I called into question their business sense and integrity and commitment to their employees. I told them I was embarassed for them and ashamed of them. I said some other things too. I did this without…um…well…without Terry’s consent. becauseiwasangryok..!!!

Anyway…they kinda..took um… exception to what I said. They didn’t like it. At all. So they told Terry they weren’t happy and he was all…WHAT?!
and so…well.

ANYHOO! Turns out they started questioning my sanity. They asked people who know me (who’ve eaten with us, socialized a bit, etc) if I was the type of person who would become irrational and emotional easily. And THOSE people (God love them!!) told them that no, in fact I was one of the most rational, contained and intelligent people they’d ever met. *ahem*

SO ANYWAY…they took that informtion and decided that if it was bad enough to make someone as “rational, contained, and intelligent” as me to blow off the way I did (and people, it was ugly, really) then perhaps there really *was* a problem that needed looking into.

And so it is.

I wrote a brief apology for the tone of my first letter, explaining that I was deeply frustrated with Terry’s work schedule. I did NOT however, back down from what the source of my frustration was, nor did I apologize for calling into question various business practices. I did, however, invite them for dinner one night next time they’re in town. I’ll roast a pork loin, because it’s appropriate.

So that was the reason for the groveling a couple of nights ago, and why I am groveling no longer. Because, as awful as it seemed then, it seem to be just the thing now.

At least, I hope so.


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2 Responses to huh..whaddyano.

  1. Stone Fox says:

    i am so glad this worked out for you. sometimes you gotta be a squeaky wheel to get greased. terry is very.. um.. forgiving (as you are posting on your computer i am guessing you are not living in the shed. unless the shed is now getting wireless). once the big bosses meet you, rootie, they will know for sure that you are not “mentally imbalanced” and are actually very funny and demure 🙂 and i mean that in the nice, southern way.

    • rootietoot says:

      I dunno about demure. there is a definite tendency to say exactly what’s on my mind- that mind/mouth filter thing is..rudimentary, at best. Terry has a signal that tells me when a line has been crossed. I’m thinking he’ll need semaphore if they come for dinner.

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