sniffing spiders

Terry and I took a walk last night at dusk. He’d just gotten in from work (another LOOOOONG story I refuse to go into here), and he grabbed a flashlight and said “lets go”.
Anyway, we talked about this and that and held hands and soon it was darkish.. He turned on the flashlight e and held it up to his chin, light pointing out into the dark.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“sniffing spiders” he said.

“um…that sounds like some boy scout thing.”

“it is,” he said. “Watch this”

So he turned his head slowly back and forth and said “hm. smells like turpentine.”

Then he walked onto the course and slowly stopped, flashlight aimed at the ground. And there was a tiny spider.

So he showed me the trick and I’m going to tell you, so if you have children you can TOTALLY impress the socks off of them!

How to sniff spiders:

Go out at dusk or right after.
Hold a flashlight up to your chin, light pointing out and the battery end of the flashlight on your chin. and turn your head slowly.
You’ll see bright pinpoints of reflections, like dewdrops. These are spiders eyes. The people around you can’t see them, due to the angle of reflection.
Keep the light on your chin and walk slowly up to the pinpoint of light, and you’ll see a little spider there.

Tell them it smells like turpentine.


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4 Responses to sniffing spiders

  1. Terry says:

    You weren’t supposed to let the secret out!!!

  2. How cool is THAT! Thanks for the tip. I know a few kids that will love that.

  3. Dang, that IS bizarre!

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