It made me smile

So, Terry and I were going into the Stuffmart Saturday. I don’t like going there, its too big, too many people, but we needed catfood and Terry was ordering his glasses. Where else can you get your glasses and the catfood and a headset for your cellphone, all in one place?

Anyway, we got out of the truck and I noticed a collection of teenagers with skateboards near the door and was all grumbling about it “oh Lord we’re going to have to try and thread our way through them and I bet they smell like pot and are all rude and I don’t want to deal with that.”

So we got up there and one of them (dyed black hair, eye makeup, you know the type) was being kind of rambunctious and sort of tipped over into our way. Cue the middle aged eye rolling and more grumbling. But just as I started another one of them grabbed him and yanked him back, saying “Dude! Show some respect!” Well, how about that!

And then as we approached the door, yet another one came out, shouting “Look what I got!”

He had a giant bubble wand. And was blowing giant bubbles.

When we came out, the group had moved to the back of the parking long, and were rolling around on their skateboards, fighting over who got to blow the bubbles next.

On the way home I felt reassured that the world isn’t actually going to hell in a handbasket.


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One Response to It made me smile

  1. Bella Rum says:

    This reminds me of years ago when we were in a hotel room at the beach. Four or five kids were talking loudly right outside out door at 3 in the morning. H was sleeping and my 5 year old kept waking and drifting back. I finally opened the door, and asked them to go down on the beach or somewhere else to talk. One of the boys started to give me some lip when another boy stepped forward and said,”Sorry we disturbed you, ma’am.” It usually only take one for the rest to follow.

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