It’s pollen season, y’all

That yellow scum, y'all, that's pine pollen.

Here in the Deepest of the South, Spring means Pine pollen. We are…shall we say…Blessed with pine trees. Oh sure pine trees are great, people plant them as a crop, acres and acres and more thousands of acres of them planted for lumber and paper making. Great stuff, they do provide jobs for loggers and all…but have you ever seen what happens when a thousand acres of pine trees bloom all at the same time? Or how about an entire neighborhood, all piney-trees, bloom? How about an entire county?

You know what, you just give up for a couple of weeks. People who are ordinarly fastidious about their cars or houses, they just give up. It’s all “screw this I’m not dusting until the pine trees quit”. Then there’s the people like me, who don’t wash their cars or dust under the best of circumstances, it’s like this delightful reprieve from the guilt of not dusting, because you know no one else is either.

All the cars (it amuses me even tho I’ve seen it every single Spring since 1974) take on the chartreusy-yellow hue of that pollen. Everyone is kinda snorting and picking their nose (or daintly dabbing it with a linen handkerchief until they have privacy and can dig with vigor), and kids are writing messages on people’s cars, there’s rivers of yellow in the roads after a rain…everything is affected and we take it with…well…if not good grace, at least with resignation.

March is typically windy, and combine that with blooming pines, you get this…kinda…otherwordly effect, yellow clouds blowing off the trees, a yellow haze in the air. Winter was coldish this year, therefore the trees are blooming with great enthusiasm so the Yellow Clouds of Doom (well ok that’s a little extreme, how about Yellow Clouds of Nose Picking Peril) are blowing more than in previous years. We were coming home from church yesterday, and as we came up Pretentious Road toward the country club, noticed the yellow haze, with additional clouds puffing around, and laughed.

This morning, as I blew yellow stuff out of my nose, and looked gloomily at the (yellow) patio, and my (formerly red, but now orange) car, I decided it’s all a sort of reciprocity, it’s what I get for living in a place where Spring lasts from February to June, and Winter is an unpleasant Wednesday in late January. Of course, Summer…well, you’ll be hearing about that come July. Oh yes.


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4 Responses to It’s pollen season, y’all

  1. Bro. Scott says:

    Yup. We got it here too. In a couple weeks we’ll see azaleas and dogwoods. Magnificent.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    “it’s like this delightful reprieve from the guilt of not dusting”

    Leave it to you to find something good about that stuff. It’s also kind of fun to know that when you sneak a peek at your yellow mucus in your hanky (if you’re a peeker that is), someone on Pretentious Road is peeking at the same color stuff in their hanky. Kind of brings all God’s creatures together.

  3. cascache says:

    Please, please tell me how long does it last?

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