The weekly bacon

I allow myself 2 slices of bacon a week, on Saturday, because there’s no rush and I can savor it with hot coffee. The only thing better than bacon and hot coffee is bacon, hot coffee and real maple syrup to drag the bacon through. O yeah.

I’m picky about the bacon. Used to be any bacon would do, bacon was bacon, right? It’s all good. Well. A while back Terry, in a fit of indulgence, bought a package of thick sliced applewood smoked Premium Bacon.

Ok let’s say you have a car. It gets you from point a to point b and that’s good. That’s what cars are for, right? It hold 4, maybe 5 people, has an engine and a trunk. It’s what cars do. That’s bacon.

Then let’s say you have a car. It gets you from point a to point be, holds 4 people, engine, trunk, only people around say “oh, I want to take your car!” and other people look at you with green-eyed envy and old men honk at you and wave… That’s thick sliced applewood smoked bacon.

Anyway, this morning, the bacon is cooking. I like to cook it in the oven, because it cooks evenly, with no overly crispy bits, no rubber bits, and due to the oven being what it is (convection) that bacon-cooking aroma kinda gets blown all over the house. Mix that with fresh coffee perking, oh yeah.

Oh I know, it’s just bacon. JUST BACON. C’mon. If you were only allowed 1 bit of 1 thing a week, of something you really, really savored, wouldn’t you make as big a deal of it as you possibly could? Sure you would.

Ok let’s say you happen up on a wheel of perfect brie, or FINALLY The Dekalb Farmer’s Market has Westphalian Ham, or Oh! I know! You find THE SHOES OF YOUR LIFE

You wouldn’t serve that brie on saltine crackers, or the ham on white bread with mayo, or Good heavens, wear those $700 pumps with a sweatsuit, would you? NO! You’d make an event of it!

And so it is with my weekly bacon. Fresh coffee, a nice plate, maybe even something interesting to read. It’s better with good company, but the good company is (*sigh*) working.


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