The marriage, it’s doing fine, thanks

Yes, Terry and I are still in love, still holding hands, still worried about each other when one of us is not feeling well.

Terry is workin workin workin lika dawg. He gets home 7:30-8, maybe 5:30 if he’s really lucky but usually closer to 7-7:30. He leaves for work in the morning 4-4:30 maybe 5:30 or 6 is he’s really lucky, but the later he leaves the later he gets home. How does one decide? Wednesday and yesterday he actually stayed until 6:30 before leaving, and it was really, really nice to have a cup of coffee, to fix him some breakfast, and talk in the morning like a normal couple. But, of course, he had to stay late to make up for that. Which is better, an hour in the morning, waking up together, or an hour or so in the evening, having dinner together around the table, maybe a drink on the patio?

Here’s the deal: they’re expanding. Sales are WAAAY up, and in this economy that’s nothing to gripe about. They’ve added a shift, are hiring all over the place (in fact, the only company in a 5 county region, with one of those counties posting a 22% unemployment rate). Terry has 40 applicants for every position. Good for him, but hard on him too, because the people applying NEED a job, have families, etc…and how do you choose, this one or that one? And, all those new hires need training. The jobs are technical, machine operations, critical thinking skills, that sort of thing. So he’s got plenty of people to hire for the work, except for management. That’s where the hours come in. Managers are a different breed of hire. You can’t take a JoeBob off the street and make him a manager. If you do find someone qualified, they have to know all the jobs they’re managing, and that takes training. Once a person is hired for a manager’s position, it takes 6 months to get them trained. (compared with the 2 weeks for the operator’s jobs).

So,Terry has his regular job to do. That’s a 10 hour/day job. Plus he has all the new hires to train. He’s got people (old hires) who can help with that, but he has to closely supervise them. Another 4-5 hours a day. Screening applicants 2-3 hours a day, and chasing the rats/stomping the dragons that, if there were enough management in place someone else would be doing it, 3-4 hours a day. That adds up to (let’s see) 19-23 hours a day. That he crams into 14-16.

Tell me how this is reasonable? Thing is, he loves his job and he’s committed to it. It’s one of the things I respect about him, this committment. It means he’s committed to me as well, that’s been proven 1000 times over in the last 23 years. The company owner is all fine words and pats on the back and begging him to hang in there and and stuff…and I’m all getting out the pen and paper and wanting to give the owner a piece of my mind about using Terry and wearing him out and how dare he take advantage of soeone who is inarguably his finest asset in this company and how about he get off the golf course for a week and try to do Terry’s job.

I’m just tired of Terry coming home looking like he’s aged 10 years, of having NO time to kick back and relax, and no time in the foreseeable future for it either. “June or July” is the prediction. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s not going to happen until Terry can get competent management into place, and that’s not happening until management people out there are willing to move to East Bumfart, Ga, for substandard pay (NOT Terry’s call, he’s pretty unhappy about that as well) and lousy benefits (don’t get me going on that, either).

SO, I won’t say it’s affecting our marriage, not relationally, because I still love the man, still miss him when he’s gone (like, ALL the time). I am starting to wonder, tho, how long it will be before he just decides the 30 minute drive takes too long and installs a cot in his office. Now THAT would really piss me off.

(Notice, no mention of El Presidente…because I am choosing to remain calm)


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3 Responses to The marriage, it’s doing fine, thanks

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Good thing I left my psych degree in my other jeans. Otherwise, putting a photo of a mom and baby orangutan when talking about your marriage would have me looking up Freudian references…

  2. Stone Fox says:

    terry sounds (from what you said) like a man who believes he should do his job and do it to the best of his abilities. his bosses are TAKING ADVANTAGE (!!!) of his great work ethic. what you calculated out, 19 – 23 hrs of work a day is three 8-hour workdays. that’s ONE MAN doing the work of THREE men. doesn’t that seem CRAZY to you?!

    he’s being expected to do more and more because he’s not saying no. i also think the big bosses have convinced him that they “desperately need” him to keep the company going. it’s bullshit. i mean, i’m sure he would be a huge loss to the company if he were to leave, but they don’t need to be stressing him out like that. think about this: how many of the muckety mucks are working 16 hour days 6 days a week? not many would be my guess. my two cents of free advice is to tell terry to slow down. and put his foot down, too. it’s total crap that he’s being worked like a dog.

    • rootietoot says:

      guess what I did! I wrote a nastygram to the company owners, say basically what you did 🙂
      now, I don’t see a change in the near future, but I guarentee one by summer.

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