Peter is my favorite of all Christ’s apostles. He’s sucha goofball. He’s all OH! I’ll never deny you! then he does, 3 times. And he’s all OH! Don’t wash my head cuz you’re GOD then when Jesus says he would and why, Peter hauls off with the “WELL WASH ALL OF ME THEN, FEET HAIR AND HANDS!” He’s intense, and sincere, except when he’s not. I like that. He’s not this…y’know…perfect looking dude always eyes to heaven like someone in a stained glass window. He probably smells like fish and wet dogs or something. He comforts me, because I’m not exactly perfect either. In fact, I’m pretty much not perfect AT ALL and days like today when I’m feeling even less perfect than usual I can remember Peter and his lack of…um…comportment. I can remember that even tho he’d denied Christ 3 times and in public, no less, he was still the foundation of the church. God used him, in all his goofiness and imperfection. It’s a comfort, yes it is, when I’m feeling quite alot less than perfect and needing that comfort. Yes, it is.

I like to think, if Peter ever had kids he’s be a less than ideal father, but he’d love his kids alot. He’d probably screw up somewhere with them, and they’d let him know exactly how, because kids are like that, but in spite of his screw ups he’d still love them and they’d know it. And they’d love him back.

I like to think even though I’m a less than perfect mother, my kids love me, and Terry does to, and God as well. I like to think that we don’t have to be some perfect jewel on the crown of life, all sparkling and fine. I sure hope so or there’s alot of us in a heap of trouble.


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3 Responses to Peter

  1. JerseyChick says:

    peter makes me happy- he asks what i’d feel stupid asking.
    who in the bible irritates you most?

    • rootietoot says:

      hmmm. Paul. He’s all “Listen to me you married people! I know I’ve never been married and don’t have a clue but I’m going to tell you how to act anyway!”

    • rootietoot says:

      it’s that whole “don’t get married unless you simply cannot control your sexual urges but really you shouldn’t get married” thing. bleah

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