Here’s what I think’s awesome:
Even tho the kids don’t act the way I think they should, even when sometimes they even worry me to the point of not sleeping and feeling sick to my stomach,
the daffodils bloom
the birds are twirping outside the window
something tasty is cooking in the oven

Even when sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for the world to crash down around my shoulders
the dog does something goofy and makes me laugh
snow peas peek tendrils out of the ground
bluebirds are making a nest in the house Terry built for them

Even when work is kicking Terry’s ass, when he comes home looking 5 years older than when he left that morning
he’s employed
we love each other
we’re healthy
we look forward to seeing each other in the evening
the weekend is coming, and a day of rest

So life isn’t perfect
no one ever said it would be
pretty much Someone said it would probably kinda suck most of the time

so ok fine, the kids worry me into grey hair and a vodka bottle
they’re healthy
So yeah work drives him to bourbon
he gets a paycheck
so I don’t look like Jane Seymour
he loves me anyway.

So yeah, ok it’s not a movie where everything is solved in 2 hours and 10 minutes.
yeah ok
We’ll live.


About rootietoot

I do what I can.
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