Dear Rootie

Dear Rootie,
We’ve been together now for almost 45 years. More if you count the bit in Mom’s tummy. I realize lots of those years had a certain degree of aggravation, but I think for the most part we’ve gotten along ok, once we figured out certain boundaries of behavior and all. But seriously Rootie, don’t you think you should understand the limitations? I mean, you’ve had to deal with certain Female Issues going on…what…35 years now. Practically every month, save for the times you were pregnant, which was a whole ‘nother ball of wax to deal with, you’ve had the same old saw, same issues, same needs, same cravings. Haven’t you gotten used to it yet? Shut it with the whining already.

Now there’s this shoulder thing. 7 years you’ve been griping every single time you rake, or play golf, or shovel in the garden. Yet you persist in doing the very activities that exacerbate that old injury. When will you learn? Probably never.

So fine, the hip got dealt with. Bloody marvelous and yay for you. Just because of that you seem to think you can do anything, only, raking isn’t much of a hip thing, is it. They do shoulder replacements I hear,yours isn’t so much the joint as it is the stuff around the joint and alas, you’ll have to deal with it and all.

Geez Louise, woman is there no pleasing you? Think of all the things you can do, instead of whining about the things you can’t! Can you hug your kid, play with your husband, get on and off the pot without assistance? How about putter in the kitchen, sew a pretty new dress or learn a new song on the piano? Can you hear the music, smell the coffee and see the camellias bloom?

Can you have lunch with a friend, write a letter to your grandmother, laugh at someone acting the fool? Can you think, pray, sing, rejoice, cry, worry or stomp your foot in frustration?

Of course you can, so get off your self pity high horse and go make some rice for dinner.


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I do what I can.
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