Eeee! (girly squeal)

Today, I get to go to Savannah! For a Reason! Here’s why, and here’s how I plan to make the most of it:

First, I have a dentist appointment. Why, Rootie WHY are you not supporting local dentists, why are you driving an hour east? WHY!? Because for some really imperceptable reason (I’m sure one exists but derned if I can find it) dentists here in Statesboro are double the cost (well almost, but close enough) of ones in Savannah or Augusta (2 hours away). Here, it’s $200 for a cleaning and $150 for a filling (WHAT?!) and there it’s $110 for a cleaning and $80 for a filling. Plus it’s SAVANNAH. I can get a cleaning, lunch and several yards of high quality cotton batiste at a fabric store for the cost of a cleaning in Statesboro. I’m not going to (relax, Terry, consider it a scouting expedition), but knowing I can is comforting.

I don’t know why the cost of dental services is so high here. In Auburn it was $60 for a cleaning and $40 for a filling. I called every dentist in town. Every Single One, and there’s this pricing thing, they’re all the same, save for the pediatric dentists who are still more. One of them informed me that my child would have to be tied down. He must gotten bitten a couple of times. And no, my child is not going to be tied down. I see the logic behind it, but I know my kid and he’s not going to bite anyone.

Another thing. The office I’m going to is in the Historic District. Like, 2 blocks over from the river, right smack in Shopping and Eating and Ladies Who Lunch district. I can find it, without having to use a GPS or whatever. Always a plus.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a dentist. I expect a lecture, probably the need for a filling or two, but it’s time to get this mess taken care of before it gets out of hand.


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2 Responses to Eeee! (girly squeal)

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Who does $40 fillings in AU? It would be worth the drive, since los kiddos have 5 between them…

    • rootietoot says:

      He retired right after we moved away, but I’d say call round and see. Tho, most dentists (in my experience) won’t fill a tooth unless they’ve done the whole cleaning/xray thing first.

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