EEEE! (girly squeal) Part 2

1. The Dentist is right flamin’ SMACK in the middle of the finest shopping in the Low Country.

2. He’s right next door to a Moroccan restaurant. Have I ever told you how much I love Moroccan food? No? Well, I do.

3. He’s right in front of a parking deck, and he’ll stamp your ticket so you don’t have to pay.

4. He complimented my teeth. no cavities, surprisingly little crud considering it had been 4-1/2 years since the last cleaning. Am I good, or what?

5. It’s 68 degrees, that translates to driving home with the top down.

I believe I’ll have my teeth cleaned quarterly, instead of twice a year.


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One Response to EEEE! (girly squeal) Part 2

  1. YEAH to good teeth, Moroccan food and especially to being able to drive with the top down!
    All great news!

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