Time’s a -wastin’!

So, I came to the conclusion, finally, that I’ve wasted way too much time doing nothing productive, and I want to DO SOMETHING. So what can I do, and do well, that will have something to show for it when I’m done?

I can sew. Yes I can. Times past, I made historical reproductions, and good ones, too. Medieval reenactors, Civil War, Frontier reenactors, came to me for unique and accurate clothing, from undies to outerwear. I made custom square dance costumes, mens and womens, even to making a bridal outfit for a couple who wanted to get married at the National Square Dance convention. That was serious fun!

So, sewing is something I did regularly and with alot of passion and creativity. Then when the kids came along, I sewed for them. It was cheaper, I could do it without patterns (I’d always made my own anyway…), and could make them a cute outfit for less than $5 (the trick is finding the fabric on sale). Then, they got older and wanted blue jeans and t-shirts. Wranglers, Mom, not homemade. Well, ok.

I didn’t do much sewing for myself. Do you know how hard it is to mark your own hem, or make your own darts? Oh sure, Terry knows how, and is massive help, when he’s available. But…that’s not often, and when I’m sewing it’s at 10 am, and when the mojo is flowing, you don’t want to stop and wait until 8pm when he’s home, and tired, and you’re tired…etc. You know the drill. AND I’m not wanting to shell out several hundreds for a custom dummy. On top of that, when you can go to the store and buy a (poorly made) blouse for $15…it kinds of takes the wind out of my sails, so to speak.

However,I am at that point now where I simply cannot buy the clothes I want. They don’t have the time of embellishment I like, the fabrics are nasty, the fit is iffy, at best. They have tags, which I hate. So, I am going to recommence the sewing. With patterns. I’m out of practice with the pattern making, but I’m thinking I could still tweak.

So, pattern hunting has been going on in force. I prefer a Vintage look, shall we say, even Historical. With certain modifications, many styles from the mid-late 1800’s could fit nicely with the modern age, without looking like I ran to the nearest department store, and certainly without seeing the same thing 3 times over at church. I am at a point where I can afford nice fabrics, the linens, cottons and suitings, the eyelets for blouses and dresses, and the pearl or bone buttons (by golly if I’m going to spend $100 on fabric and 40 hours sewing, I am NOT putting cheap plastic buttons on the suit! I won’t!)

Armistice blouse, Folkwear Patterns

This was my wedding dress, white bastiste with tatted lace, Folkwear

I’d like to make another one, in palest blue linen

I am really, really looking forward to actually DOING SOMETHING with my time. And who knows where it will lead. Maybe nowhere, but that’s ok.

But first, a tune up on the sewing machine. The belt slips and it’s making a funny noise. Probably complaining about being neglected for the past 5 years.

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4 Responses to Time’s a -wastin’!

  1. YOu are so right about doing SOMETHING! I haven’t sewed in years either but I just started a baby quilt for my niece. We’ll have to compare projects as things move further along. I’d love to see what you make.

    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Stone Fox says:

    i got my dressmaker’s dummy on ebay. i think i paid $150 canadian? maybe less – it was quite a few years ago. it is a LIFESAVER!!

    it’s getting to be that time of year for school formals, isn’t it? why don’t you advertise yourself out for seamstress services for prom dresses and stuff? you get paid to make beautiful dresses out of gorgeous fabrics (that you might get to help choose!!) and it’s all with someone else’s money 🙂 if i had the chops, i would totally do this.

    • rootietoot says:

      My friend who makes Children’s Couture (in the form of $1000 baptismal gowns, etc) wants me to go into bridals/formals with her, particularly Historical type stuff (Victorian/Edwardian like her childrens clothes) I’d like to, but I need to get my seamstress mojo back first.

  3. Tracey says:

    I just think you’re very clever!

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