Thursday! And the Sun! She shines!

Today is full of promise. I have Options! Thursday is my day off. It’s not Friday, getting ready for the weekend with it’s people all over the place, or Monday, Tuesday with it’s laundry and cleaning up after the weekend, or Wednesday with Prayer Group and Ladies Who Lunch. Nope, it’s Thursday, with 2 Netflix DVDs (Today: Dolores Claiborne and Sons of Anarchy), the Weather Channel promising sunshine and the possibility of spending time raking pinestraw to use lining the garden beds and generally tidying up of the veg garden area (wonder if the peas are up yet? They might be!).

Now, in place, are alternative plans. I am in my heart, a pessimi….I mean… a pragmatist. So, I am prepared in the event Terry gets his arm caught in a roller at work, and requires life-flight to Medical College in Augusta. Well ok they don’t life flight for crushed arms, but I’m prepared, anyway. I’m ready if #4 should break or sever a limb as school, or CJ gets shot by someone’s father in Madison. David is a very careful young man and I don’t expect any great medical crisis from him, but I’m prepared. Will might suffer burns from a massive popcorn explosion at work, and require help. So, my cell phone is charged and in my pocket…ok not yet, but it will be soon.

My motto is this: Expect the worst, so if it happens you’re prepared and if it doesn’t you’re pleasantly surprised.

Plans for dinner involve something delicious, a whole chicken, perhaps basmati rice or maybe organic sweet brown rice. Maybe I’ll do something Asian with the chicken to go with the brown rice. Have you ever had sweet brown rice? You can use it to make entirely inauthentic sushi that’s amazingly delicious: brown rice, mineral-rich nori, delicately and barely steamed vegetables. Maybe I have some nori somewhere. Maybe I’ll make vegetable sushi to go with the chicken. I may get written a citation from the Sushi Police, but What Happens In Rootie’s Kitchen Stays In Rootie’s Kitchen. Eli is not fond of vegetables but he loves the sushi. (Attention: Sushi does not mean raw fish, it means vinegared rice. When you make it, you mix the rice with a bit of vinegar, then roll it with the fillings which may or may not include raw fish. Personally, I love the raw fish but perfer to let a restaurant handle it)

It’s cold this morning, so I am thinking the mornings will involve hot coffee and the Netflix. Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy is excellent, if kinda…rough around the edges. But then a dude with a forehead like that could never play Leopold in that time travel movie with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman, right? Kate and Leopold..that’s it. I’m all about the Stephen King, too, so I am looking forward to seeing Kathy Bates pissed off. This afternoon, provided no one severs a limb or gets shot, I’ll go outside and do stuff with pine straw.

There, day planned.


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6 Responses to Thursday! And the Sun! She shines!

  1. I’ve had sweet white rice, but never knew about brown. Of course, I’m not really a rice vivant and usually go for the minute kind. 😉

    Let me know how you like the Sons of Anarchy. I never got a chance to catch it in prime time and have been thinking about renting it.

    • rootietoot says:

      I like it. They’re like…bad guys, but not. I mean, kind of their own form of law and stuff. With a fondness for smacking people that piss them off.

  2. Nichole says:

    I didn’t know that about sushi. I can’t even think about eating raw fish without gagging, but a fishless version I might be able to do.

    • rootietoot says:

      the local place makes it with crunchy fried shrimp (awesome!) and this roll with that fake crab meat (totally cooked) and avocado (yum!). Any sushi place would have a non-raw fish version.

  3. Your dinner sounds great! Hope the day went well.

  4. Rhu says:

    I love sushi 😉

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