Dear canada and usa hockey teams,

Dudes! Awesome job! Y’know, I’ve never much thought about hockey. I laughed at Atlanta when they formed the Ravens, because seriously, ice hockey and Deep South…not the first thing that comes to mind. No high school (that I’m aware of) has a hockey team. There’s no Little League (or whatever you call it) of hockey. But last night we were watching the not-very-exciting NASCAR race in Vegas (on tv, we were not there)and flipped over to the gold medal match on the olympics and were mesermized! Holy cow! Like…baksetball meets roller derby and it DIDN’T LET UP.

I believe I have a new sports love. I may indeed start to follow it and I think that dude Nash is going to be the one I follow. Why Nash? you may ask. Because Terry hs a cousin, who’s children love hockey. On of her sons died a year ago from leukemia. He was a huge hockey fan, and whats-his-name-Nash did a fundraiser with/for Mason and the Childrens’ Cancer Foundation, and Mason is on the poster…so…nice guy, helped out Terry’s cousin, was in the Olympics. That’s reason enough for me.

So there we are, and I tell you what, women’s hockey team/cigars notwithstanding, Hockey is indeed a Man’s Sport. All that crashing into walls and 150mph pucks flying around…my WORD that was fun to watch!

Anyway, Canada and USA Hockey: Well done, people! Oh sure, I’da loved to USA to win, but it was a very evenly matched event, and that winning goal (is that what they call it?) came outa flamin’ NOWHERE…well done y’all!


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4 Responses to Dear canada and usa hockey teams,

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Great story about Nash and Terry’s cousin. I remember when you originally wrote about that. We totally missed the match. Glad y’all enjoyed it.

  2. Jo says:

    It’s not called little league, but there are all kinds of junior hockey leagues for kids of all ages–at least in Canada, anyway.

    Glad you liked the game. I was pulling my hair out when the U.S. tied it up, but in the end, it did make for a more exciting match. Overtime is always thrilling.

  3. Hockey ROCKS! I love watching it – going to a real game is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I highly recommend it. (College is far more fun to watch than pros, of course.)

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