Oh where o where has my little dog gone…

oh where o where can she beeee?

So #4 took the dogs out for a walk last night, and in the confusion/mayhem (4 dachshunds, right, comes with the terrortory), Daisy got loose and we haven’t seen her since. We spent a few hours hunting for her in the woods where #4 said she disappeared, and all along the golf course, hollering and shining flashlights, driving up and down the road, looking in ditches for her sad and mangled corpse…no sign

I slept poorly, waking to wondering where she might be, if some wild animal was making supper out of her, convinced that she was being mauled by rabid racoons.

See, Daisy’s a creampuff. She’s overweight, lazy, addlepated. Sweet tempered to people she knows, snippy with people she doesn’t. So I fretted and worried and slept poorly.

Terry reminded me at lunch today that dachshunds are notoriously opportunistic, disloyal, and…y’know…opportunistic. She probably found another family of sucke…I mean…kind hearted people up the way a bit, who’ve been taken in with her big moist brown eyes and grub-like physique.

Anyway, I’ve posted signs on the entrances of the neighborhood that read:


I’m realizing in retrospect there’s probably someone taking offense, that I should have said “rubenesque” or “Zaftig” or “pleasingly plump” and that might inhibit their desire to return her to a family with so little regard for her…oh well

Anyway, if you see a homeless but well-fed black and tan standard dachshund looking annoyed at having missed a meal, she’s probably mine.

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3 Responses to Oh where o where has my little dog gone…

  1. Oh no! Hope you find the poor thing!

  2. Jo says:

    I really, really hope she comes back or you find her alive and well. I know what it’s like to lose a pet that way, so here’s hoping she’s fine.

    Is she micro-chipped? Or is that just for cats? (like mine)

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