I want I want

I want new furniture for the living room. A couch and a couple of chairs, specifically. The end tables, etc are all just fine- antique things but the couch isn’t even Vintage yet, just Old and Ugly, a 1967 Ethan Allen hand-me-down that I have been reluctant to replace with anything finer simply because people have this unpleasant (but understandable) propensity for flopping down on it to watch the race or whatever. Anyway, as the Floppers are pretty much moving out, with only one left and he’s a relative lightweight, I am ready for something NEW.

Ideally, Terry would build them. He would locate quartersawn white oak and build the couch and 3 chairs I covet. They would be upholstered in stout analine dyed pebble grained leather (in a chestnut color), the wood stained a medium golden oak, and I’d locate some kinda fancy curvy stained glass lamps to soften the severe lines of the mission style I love so much. Throw pillows, too, in Arts and Crafts style, also curvy lines and soft colors.

I don’t know if he’ll be able to do that, tho. Between working 6 day weeks (averaging…get this…14 hours a day…don’t get me started on that) and being too pooped to move on Sunday, I hate to ask him to do that even tho I know how much satisfaction he’d get out of it. However, I do have the furniture picked out, and I KNOW for a solid, natural FACT he could do it, so rather than harp on about buying it, I am going to hold on to the pictures and all in my head, and hope that one day I’ll figure out how to quit writing these awful run-on sentences. Ok anyway, I’m going to hold on to hope that he’ll have the time in the next year or two.

Here’s what I want:

One of these, this color upholstery and stain

two of these. I have footstools already. They recline!

One of these, Terry loves him a rocking chair, and this one's manly

Yeah I know, chunky mission isn’t everyone’s idea of lovely, but it certainly is mine. It’s sturdy and solid, and showcases the gorgeous refractive qualities of quartersawn oak. I love the look of wood, and despise delicate fru-fru stuff and intricate carvings that require so much maintenance. Give me a straight line I can swoop a dust cloth over now and then, and I’m happy. DO NOT give me cloth upholstery, patterns, prints, all that. Straight lines, solid colors, that’s what makes me smile.


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One Response to I want I want

  1. Jo says:

    I love Mission furniture too. We have a Mission dresser built by Mennonites. They know how to make furniture. It’s solid and heavy, and I love it. Too bad it’s so expensive!

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