Sewing it up!

So, I have this friend who makes incredible children’s clothes- you know the type (this is her web site). She called last night and wanted to know if I’d do some work for her- making boys pants. “I hate making pants” she said. Well, I know boys pants. I’ve made tons of them. What I hate doing is all that fiddly detail stuff, that she loves. So she tells me she wants to contract out making boys pants to me. And I’m all…you mean getting PAID to do something I do well and enjoy and get to work with someone who’s a nationally known children cotourier (however the heck you spell that) who I also happen to like? Like that?

Um…let me think a bit on it. ok, sure! And I get to work with seriously high quality fabrics like European batiste and Irish linen and dupioni silks and OMG! I’ll need to get teeny needles because all I have right now are big denim needles. and superfine threads….aaahhhhh I feel a trip to Savannah coming on!

(dances around the room! creativity! childrens clothes! wheeeeee!)


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4 Responses to Sewing it up!

  1. This is awesome! My neice’s b-day is tomorrow and I know what to get her now 🙂 Also , does she make women’s clothing?

    • rootietoot says:

      Not yet, but I’m working on her. I’d love to see her make Victorian/Edwardian women’s clothing. She has been making noises about expanding into bridal stuff, and that’s only a step over from that. I think she could also fit nicely into Steampunk stuff (similar to ) with some help from me 🙂

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Nothing better than getting paid to do something you enjoy! Good for you.

  3. Tracey says:

    Fantastic! Love it when something like that falls in one’s lap.

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