I had lunch with a friend today. El found some shirrrrrrrrOH! in her freezer she’d forgotten about, and wanted to celebrate. ShirrrrrrrrrOH! is a pasty stuff made from lentils, onions and tomatoes and the mysterious and intriguing berbere spice blend…like Mexican meets Thai by way of Morocco. Anyway, she felt like having a party so invited me for lunch where she made also the Ethiopean version of fajitas, that is, thinly sliced beef with more of the lovely berbere, onions and peppers all sauteed and served with injera (their flatbread, kind of like buckwheat sourdough pancakes) and she plunked it all on a platter in the middle of the table, and taught us how to eat neatly with our right hands (“left hands are nasty,” she said, “you don’t eat with them”) by picking little bits of the injera and using it to scoop up the shirrrrrrrrrrOH! and meat. Yummy stuff and here is it almost 5pm and I’ve got to fix supper for everyone else but am stuffed full (“in Ethiopea it’s rude to leave any food on the platter”, she said, “so you have to eat it all or I’ll be deeply offended and call you a {something unpronounceable} that means Pork Dog.” I asked her if she meant Pig Dog and she said “yes, I don’t know why you say pork and pig for the same thing it makes no sense to me.”)

Anyway, I played with her gorgeous 3 daughters, especially the 4 yr old and the just turned 1 yr old. Ok the 12 yr old is also gorgeous, I meant that I played with the other 2. The 12 yr old is quite grown up and sophisticated and too mature for silly chasing games, but quite the conversationalist. *sigh* girls. It was fun to lay with girls for an afternoon

Then she sent me home with a packet of injera, some shirrrrrrrrrOH! and berbere spices, so I can make a tasty Ethiopean feast for Terry. Naturally it won’t be truly authentic because I’ll probably provide a fork and plate, but it will be filling and delicious and pretty much guarenteed to cause digestive excitement and commentary the next morning.


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  1. Don Joe says:

    You have made me drool. If you saw the state of my fridge you might send over a food package.

    I stumbled across your blog because of an interview about Nanny goats in Panties, a most excellent blog. I write the office comedy blog “Workforced: the office doesn’t work” at workforced.com.

    As of today I will overtake NGIP in terms of the number of google reader followers (but hey, there’s other widgets too). I have never been interviewed and have barely been awarded! I’ve just grown and grown – go figure! If you’d ever consider being the first to interview me then please let me know!

    Don Joe

  2. That sounds like a feast! I’m going on the hunt for an Ethiopean restaurant in our neighborhood.

    What’s up with the above guy bragging about overtaking NGIP! WTH!?!?!? NGIP rocks.


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