Dear God,

Thanks for the snow, dude! You’ve made my kids really happy. Right now, #4 is on the driveway, scooping up the white stuff with a grain scoop to make a bunker for David to drive into. David and CJ are Out, theoretically driving slowly and not sliding into a ditch like all the other morons out driving around. If they do, God, please keep them safe, I know they’re morons but they think they’re All That.

Anyway, thanks for the snow. The dogs are happy, the kids are happy, everyone’s happy.


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6 Responses to Dear God,

  1. Stone Fox says:

    that’s the fantastic thing about being a redneck and driving a pickup. even if you live where there isn’t normally snow, you’ll probably be ok when it does snow cause you’re in a pickup.

    that is, if you remember to throw sandbags in the box.

    cause when you’re going way too fast down the back road and tap the brake a little too hard and end up sliding sideways and doing a couple of donuts you’ll remember that you forgot to throw in sandbags, and that information is not of much use by that point.

    and begging and pleading and deal-making with the Fates that you can get your ass end out of the snowbank without having to shovel snow into the box to get weighted down AND get back on the road (on the correct side of the road facing the right direction) before someone actually sees you is not a good look for anyone.

    not that i’d know about these things.

    • rootietoot says:

      Driving on ice/snow is very much like driving on wet clay, where physics are concerned. If you get stuck in a ditch, you always know someone with a tractor/caterpillar/winch who’s thrilled to be able to help out. It’s that Tonka Truck mentality rednecks have.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Glad you got some of the white stuff. my niece, who lives in Texas, got 8 to 10 inches. She’s lived there 15 years and never gotten more than an inch or two, and it has always melted the next day. Her little girl is in heaven. Our ground has been white for over a month now. I can’t remember since when that has happened.

    • rootietoot says:

      It’s supposed to get up to 45 today, and it’s all falling out of the trees. The roasd are clear and not at all icy, tho that’s not stopping people from panicing. Lots of snowmen in town, the Waffle House has the biggest one (apparently the staff got bored last night)

  3. jerseechik says:

    glad you and cj made it home amidst the crazy traffic. hugs to your bunch from us!

  4. Sarah says:

    Someday, I will move to a place where it snows. And I will be happy, too!

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