I have to drive today, through sloppy (rain+snow) weather, to Madison to get CJ. 3 hours up and back, on back roads. I’m taking Terry’s truck, it’s heavier with better sloppy-weather tires than my beetle. CJ has some tools to bring back and I’m NOT putting a welder on my leather seats. Plus a couple of gas bottles (oxygen, acetylene), illegal for trunks. I hope he knows where the caps are for them. It’s illegal to put them on a truck without them and I don’t feel like going all over Madison looking for them. Terry said lay them down and pull the tonneau over, but my luck I’d get rear-ended and blow up. (TAKE OFF THE REGULATORS! he said)

#4 woke up with pinkeye, so he’s staying home from school. David will be here most of the day so that’s ok. I still have some drops from the last time he had it, and hopefully since it was just a couple of months ago, I can call the nurse practitioner and beg her to call a scrip in, instead of having to take him in, pay the $40, lose the time blah blah.

I love my kids, I do, really. I never regret having them. But they sure do eat into a day’s work…or a day’s watching netflix/rearranging closets/ironing shirts. Yeah, Rootie, what else do you have to do anyway eh?

Let’s add to the 7 hours round trip/kid home with pinkeye/sloppy weather mix…what to add…Oh! I know! How about cramps and having to stop every 2 hours for a bathroom break! Moodiness! Thank goodness Terry’s truck has XMradio and I can listen to hypochodriacs call Dr Radio about their plantar warts. At least if I wreck or get stuck in a ditch I have the comfort of knowing anyone preparing for my funeral won’t be disgusted by the state of the closets. The bathrooms are another matter, but since I’ll be dead I probably won’t care. There’s plenty of food in the freezer so the family will be able to eat for a few days before noticing I’m gone.

Anyway, there’s a day in the life of a housewife. It’s a darn good thing I don’t have a paying job at the mercy of someone else, because then what would I do when CJ needs up-picking and #4 has pinkeye? What a mess that’d be.


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  1. Kathryn says:

    Sometime when you’re coming to Madison and are not is such a hurry, let me know. It would be fun to meet and Athens isn’t far from Madison at all.

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