Beef Overload

Saturday Terry cooked marvelous ribeye steaks, which we had the leftovers of on Sunday. Monday he had a business dinner and ate another ribeye. I had dinner with a friend and had a filet. Today he’s having a steak the friend got him last night and I’m having the remainder of my ribeye for lunch. Tonight we’re all eating a leafy green salad and getting a colonic.

No, not really, but the leafy greens are definitely in order. We are all pretty much beefed out. I’m fixing chicken the rest of the week, except for fish tacos on Thursday. And leafy, gut cleaning greens. Cabbage and spinach and arugula from the garden. and psyllium husks and whole grains.

I never thought we’d come to the point we’d reached Beef Overload, but we’re there. Probably ought to drink a bit of cholesterol-dissolving red wine too, only neither one of us particularly cares for red wine. And red wine gravy is not good on chicken or fish.

ugh. I refuse to check my blood pressure. You can’t make me.

I’m sure there’s some dietary guru out there who’s reading this and wincing. Well, you know…they say “all things in moderation” and moderation is a very vague concept, subject to wild interpretation. I can hear El now, “That kind of beef would feed an Ethiopean orphanage for a month!” Probably so.


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