Well ok not sauce, but awesome goodness…but not the food kind.

I spent time on the phone with the financial office at NADC (Nashville Automotive-Diesel College, where CJ plans to go after high school). Her statement was “we don’t really care how you pay for it as long as it’s paid for before he graduates.” It’s like this. We don’t do loans. We aren’t cosigning a federal student loan for him. Period. He has money in the bank, that will pay for the whole thing, if he is very, very careful and works to supplement his living expenses.

This, we can do. “Do you need tools?” she asked. “I think he has tools.” I said. “Call his advisor and see about that.” she said.

So I did. “He has tools.” I said. “Great, here’s a list of what he needs. If he has them awesome, you won’t need to buy any.” he told me. So I looked at the list. As long as he hasn’t done anything stupid (there’s a stretch, right….)and lost them, he has the tools save for a couple of ball-peen hammers. I think we can manage a hammer or two. He even has a tool box.

They’ll take the cost of the schooling, divide it however I want, by week, month, quarter, or by unit/school, (some units cost more than others). They’ll see about getting him a Stafford loan if he needs it (that’s a loan we don’t have to cosign, max of $3500 a year that would help very much with living expenses if he has trouble finding interest for 6 months after he they’ll help him find a job).
So, given the parameters of paying the tuition, he’s covered completely. I knew he had the bulk of it, but the way they set it up pretty much guarentees it. He’ll have *some* to help with living expenses but not all of it. So work is a given.

Bless his heart, now if he’ll just graduate from high school.

So I talked to his advisor about that. He said they’ll just keep pushing his start date back until he gets his diploma or GED.
“Wait” sayeth Rootie…”I thought you didn’t accept GED”
“Why yes, we do!” he replied.
Well that takes another load of worry offa my shoulders…it means it’s NOT the end of the world as we know it if CJ manages to screw up and not graduate. It just means he won’t start in June. Which is not the end of the world. And I can live with that.


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