My child is an idiot.

CJ called last night, we discussed allowances, and Prom, and grades. *sigh* He’s passing all but one class. He doesn’t have leeway to fail a class. None. He fails 1 class, no matter the averages in the other classes, and he doesn’t graduate. No graduate, no NADC. He has no truck, and will not have a place to live after May 28, unless he goes to NADC, in which case he can stay with us the 2 weeks between graduation and starting there. No NADC, no staying with us, but he has no truck to get himself to and from wherever he’s living and wherever he can find a job.
Sucks to be him. All his shortsighted reckless behavior of the last 4 years is threatening to seriously catch up with him, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep the hard line about it.
I looked at his grades online. He’s making decent test scores etc in the class he’s failing, but he’s got a whole slew of missing homework. Dumbass isn’t turning stuff in.
So today I wrote him a short note. Dear CJ…blah blah pass or don’t go to NADC. You aren’t moving back in here, consider your very limited options. Don’t be an idiot.

Ok I play the hardnosed and unconcerned mother well in words, but the truth is my stomach is in knots over it. I worry about the boy.


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