I hear it’s a common affliction. Can you call it an affliction if it’s a normal state? I guess that would be like calling having to shave, or that …erm…Morning Thing men have an affliction.

I’m talking about this:
“Where’s the milk?”
“I can’t find (insert common item here)”

One can either get frustrated by this. I mean a jug of milk isn’t exactly a AAA battery hiding under a couch cushion.
Or one can be amused by it. This is my reaction of choice. I get (hard to believe, I know!) sarcastic. Just this morning, I’d fixed Terry’s breakfast and lunch and left them on the kitchen table like I always do. It’s not a huge table, about 2-1/2 by 4 feet. However, typically I leave everything (lunch box, travel mug of coffee, bowl with breakfast sandwich wrapped in a paper towel) on the west end of the table. For some reason, today I put it all on the east end. I don’t know why. Laziness I suppose, as that was the end of the table I was standing. Now, the lunch box is big and green and easy to see. The travel mug is tall and stainless and also easy to see. However the bowl, I admit, is comparitively small, and when there’s other items on the table (say, a jar of mustard, a small plate) I suppose one could say that it gets lost in the crowd. Anyway, I was sitting at the dining table with #4 as he was eating, and Terry was gathering up his stuff to go and I heard “Oh no, where’s my biscuits?” and I’m thinking…did I move them? No, I remember now, I put them in an unorthodox location. They’re 2 feet from their standard location. My bad.

Where manblindness is concerned, I used to be annoyed and frustrated by it. Now I see it as an opportunity to flaunt my inherent female superiority. When one of the household males stands at the refrigerator and says “I can’t find the mayonnaise! (or hot sauce or whatever)” I can assume a smug smile (most of the time) and go straight to said item that’s sitting right there in the front, or perhaps only 1 tier back. Of course, I let them recover their self esteem by asking them to change a lightbulb. Because it’s what a good wife/mother would do.

And that nasty accusation that I actually rearrange the refrigerator/pantry to increase male dependency? Well! Why on Earth would you say such a thing? How could you even think that I’d do such?


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3 Responses to manblind

  1. Bella Rum says:

    We not only have male blindness at our house, there are definite hearing issues, too – as in selective hearing.

  2. srra says:

    Everybody in my family, male and female, suffers periodically from the disease “refrigerator blindness”.

  3. Sweet Daddio says:

    Hey! I represent this post!!!

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