This, I love. Yes I do.

Now, I don’t claim to be a Feminist. Not the…y’know…THAT KIND. I identify myself as a ‘qualified’ pro-life person. By that I mean that I believe life begins at conception and it is our responsibility, as individuals and as a culture, to protect that life. I am also enough of a realist to know that protection isn’t going to happen all the time. As such I think it’s reasonable to provide safe medical facilities for the women who are going to have abortions. I don’t like it, but women will have them and better by a doctor who knows what they’re doing than someone in their back bedroom. However, I am deeply disturbed by our culture that has made it so easy to have one, that it allows women to consider it a form of birth control.

Now before you arch your back and spit “but what about the rapes? the incest?” yes ok, like I said ‘qualified’ pro-life. I recognize there are situations where pregancy is seriously traumatic, physically *and* mentally, and situations where it’s best for the mother to not carry the baby to term. I get that. You show me where most aborted pregnancies are due to rape and incest, and I might change my mind. I know there are women who’s life is endangered by a pregnancy, and I get that. I know there are women who’s unborn babies are so physically defective that they won’t survive being born, or that die before being born. I get that. You show me where the majority of abortions are for these women, and I might change my mind.

Anyway, read the article. She made me cheer.


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