Mah hair! Mah hair!

I really like my hair, most of the time. It’s thick and straight, and fine and soft. It’s shot with this metallic silver instead of grey, that sparkles in the sun and draws comment. I really am quite happy with it…

except in the Winter, when it gets dry. Ah cain’t do a THANG with mah hair raht now. To minimize the issue, I go from washing it daily to washing every other or even every 3rd day. After washing it, once it’s dry I’ll use a teensy dab of Alberto VO5 (I know, right?? That stuff old men use to slick theirs down, but it works, if you use a teeeeeny-niny bit of it) but alas, not much really helps.

I get the flyaways. #4 yesterday commented on it, he was all “Mom you look like one of those people who put their hands on that ball in the science exhibit.”

I think this is what he meant, and he was right.


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One Response to Mah hair! Mah hair!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I put my hand on that ball in science class back in the sixties.

    I used to have “good hair.” Now…not so much. I don’t really know what to do with it. I have my fair share of gray now, but haven’t colored it so far because of the maintenance issue, but now I’m considering it. We’ll see.

    Good luck to you, Rootie. Spring will be here soon and humidity can’t be far behind.

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