The Meeting with the elders

Went Well! They asked us questions about doctrinal stuff, we answered, they voted us in, and I insulted the preacher. 🙂

After they voted us in, Pastor B said that they’d install us in front of the congregation but not this upcoming Sunday because it was a communion Sunday plus they were doing a baptism so if they brought us up as well the sermon would only be 5 minutes long. So I blurted “so I think we should do it this Sunday then!”

Mah mouth, she has a mind of her own. I did get extra credit for referrencing this morning’s Sunday school lesson on Romans and Natural Law.

Terry did very well, with nary a Free Will Baptist answer about being washed in the blood.

Anyway the whole affair was congenial and relaxed, no hard questions (at least, none that we didn’t know the answer to), I even gave a complicated answer to the question of “what is the true nature of God” that involved stuff about the Triune God and His incomprehensible vastness and all. That pleased Pastor B I think because it wasn’t all mushy God is Love (which is true but lacks that *punch* Reformationists delight in).

So it’s done, we’ve been voted in and handshaken. Now all that’s needed is to go before the congregation and take our vows! TaDa!


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3 Responses to The Meeting with the elders

  1. Gah. Never knew joining a church was so complicated! LOL We just show up.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I laughed. You have a funny mouth. Don’t ever misplace it. 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Love this post lol #truth about Trinity and reformed folks 😃

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