Please look at the name of this blog ^

This time last week I woke up with a pounding headache. It felt like a small troupe of tympani drummers had installed themselves behind my eyeballs and were practicing their bit for Thus Spake Zarathustra. BOOM boom BOOM boom…ad nauseum. When I sat up with a groan, there was a sloshing sensation, also behind my eyes. Great, I thought. My sinuses are revolting.

SO I stayed home from church, missed the 4th Sunday Dinner (tho I made sure Terry and #4 went and they kindly brought me back a ginormous cup of broccoli cheese soup), and nursed my poor revolting sinuses. Hot tea (a sore throat was involved, thanks to drainage), sitting upright, girly TV and a desperate plea to Terry to PLEASE stop at the store and get me some sinus stuff.

It works, this nice pharmaceutical blend of decongestant, mucalytics, and pain relief. Phooey on those pansy homeopathic remedies. I Want Drugs.

I’ve been taking it all week, half a dose twice a day (rather than the full dose 4 times a day) works just fine. However, in the mornings, there’s this…period of time spent…making…erm…unladylike noises. Horking, and snorting, and this ratcheting sound that happens, slurpy noises, all those things I remember Mom doing and being so disgusted by them when I was a teen. “can’t you do that in PRIVATE?!” I’d think. Well, no. I answer my 17 yr old self. It’s my house and I’ll hork if I want to.

Fortunately that hour spent sounding like a…well I don’t know what…but making Unapproved Noises…serves to clear the head and once it’s over I’m great for a while, with wind whistling through my head and palpable relief causing sighs of happiness. Life is good when one can hork with vigor.


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  1. When Big Kid was in the ICU, one of the respiratory therapists told us that the minute he gets snotty, he uses Afrin for 4 days to stop the drainage from going down into his lungs and spreading bacteria down there.

    We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet (thank goodness), but we ran right out and bought a bottle “just in case”. LOL

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