To sleep, perchance to dream

Sleep has come easily lately. That’s not the usual thing for me. Typically sleep is elusive, requiring long hours of preparation in the hope (but no guarentee) that it will come. It requires chemical assistance, usually, and ritual (always).

But here lately? I go to bed, I go to sleep…every night for the past couple of weeks. Remarkable!

And I’ve been dreaming, entertaining fun sorts of dreams I wake up and go “where did that come from?”

Last night I got a job as Ina Garten’s (The Barefoot Contessa from The Food Network) kitchen assistant. She threw 2 artichokes at me and said “cook something”. So I used 2 cans of artichokes, made a bechamel sauce and grilled some chicken for creamed artichokes w chicken which she totally passed off as her own recipe. And her kitchen counters? Please. They were ugly formica and she didn’t clean up after herself. Jeffrey (her husband) did give me a ride home in his BMW because it was raining, tho. I woke up thinking how nice it was to be paid for what I do at home anyway.

My dreams reflect my life. If things are hairy, if there’s stress and I’m feeling out of control (I hate that) then the dreams are likewise. The more out of control my life, the worse the dreams. They involve natural disasters, huge floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, that rip my family away with no hope of ever being seen again. I can handle human things like wars or someone breaking into the house. Dreams like that tend to be more empowering than fearful. but natural stuff? Scares the snot out of me, and I wake up shaking. Terry thinks I dream natural disasters because I am such a control freak, and things i can’t control…well…nothing’s worse, and he’s right about that.

When things are going well (like right now), the dreams are silly, or romantic, or both. They involve wishes, like going to school, or having a dream job. They are encouraging by causing a situation where I’m in control and things go well.

Speaking of Ina Garten, there’s this show on Food Network called The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and each episode involves a certain ingredient or cooking technique, such as BACON or FRIED. The ads feature various FN cooks saying The Best Thing I Ever Ate and Ina Garten flutters her eyelashes and says something about bolognese, and all I can think is “you stuck up twit…tell me your favorite thing to eat isn’t a Sonic Burger.” because all the other FN people are talking about bacon or apple pie or fried donuts. Phpht her and her house in the Hamptons. Her recipe for Parmesan black pepper crackers is good tho, a total hit with the family at Christmas.

So why was I dreaming about being her kitchen assistant? In the dream she was actually quite pleasant and fun to work with, artichoke grenades notwithstanding. I woke up wondering if there was anyone in Statesboro who would want a competent assistant for a few hours a day. It would be awesome to get paid to do what I already do.


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4 Responses to To sleep, perchance to dream

  1. I’ve been spending time watching that “Bizarre Foods” show with the guy who’ll eat anything.

    It’s the only thing that’s been keeping me on my diet. LOL

    Woohoo on the sleep! I’m jellus.

  2. Stone Fox says:

    i think you should go for it, rootie. start asking around to see if there are any part time hours working for a caterer or bakery or something.

  3. jerseechik says:

    Last night I got stung by bees, and joined a sorority. I’d stay home in bed to avoid it happening IRL, but who know what I’d dream then? 😉

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