What I hate about “winter”

“Winter” has to be in quotes around here, because seriously, it’s a rudimentary concept, and not an actuallity. I know this. And yet, there’s things that happen in “winter” that cause annoyance.

Itchy skin for one. It “drys up” here, with the humidity dropping into the 50% range, down from the usual 80-90% we have the other 11 months of the year. It’s why Southern Women (well, the ones who aren’t sungoddesses or smokers, anyway) look so young. But, the drop in humidity makes me ITCHY. Like I have fleas or something. Every little brush against my skin, from a hair or a bit of breeze, sends me into a fit of rubbing and scratching that is MOST unladylike. When I’m at home I scratch whenever and wherever I want, but out in public it’s frowned on when your growl and go at your head or armpit like an infested dog. Seriously, right now I’m ->this<- close to just shaving my head. Then I could slather my scalp with eucalyptus salve and never itch again. *sigh*

And yes, I’ve tried the remedies. I’ve tried the olive oil, the (expensive but effective but expensive) neem oil, the pharmaceutical remedies…and they work, but oil on a white woman’s scalp results in…well….oil on a white woman’s scalp. It looks like I haven’t bathed in a month, not to mention smelling funny. When I used the neem oil (I wasn’t planning on going anywhere that day), #4 was all “Mom, you smell like weeds.” Not a good thing for a mother to smell like. Of course, David thought that was a hoot. “Mom smells like weed!”

So, another couple of weeks of this, it will warm up and humidify like it’s supposed to. I’ll be back outside poking in the garden and getting the sunshine and all. In the meantime maybe I’ll use dog shampoo. Don’t think I haven’t tried it. Anti-itch dog shampoo is awesome stuff and it works but the aroma caused more comment.

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7 Responses to What I hate about “winter”

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Dog shampoo! Ha!
    Love the scratching dog. Where do you find these things?

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, we have that horrible humidity in the summer too. Kills me.

  3. Tracey says:

    Hmmm, maybe tea tree oil might help? Any of that sold there alongside the eucalyptus oil? It’s what I put on mozzie bites these days. Not so sure about how it goes for dry skin though….

  4. Love the animation!

    Hang in there.

  5. Stone Fox says:

    have you thought about running a humidifier in your room overnights? keeping your skin and scalp moistened during the night might help you out during the day.

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