Say, what’s up with CJ?

CJ came home for the long weekend, driving his sad little abused truck, which promptly died in the driveway. I think the only way he made it here is because Statesboro is geographically downhill from Madison. He and Terry looked at it, and made a tenative diagnoses of either a blown head gasket or a cracked block. Either one is a death sentence for that 2 liter aluminum engine. Poor fing.

All this vehicular drama has settled questions: Do I take my truck to Nashville? Guess not! Will I have something to drive the rest of the school year? Doesn’t look like it! Can I spend the money to fix it? Not if you want to go to school in Nashville! OH WELL!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

What it means, dear one,is that you abused your truck into oblivion, and now you don’t have one. I am strangely unsympathetic. And you seem to have remorse. Whether it’s remorse for having abused your truck, or remorse for not having a truck that could handle that kind fo treatment, I am not sure.

At least this time you’re owning it.

Yes people, he has admitted that it’s his fault. He has not punched a single hole in the wall, or hurled one solitary accusation about how if we’d spent a measly $30,000 on a Silverado with a lift kit he’d never have done any of this stuff to his truck. This, people, is called progress. Even if he’s just saying what he thinks I want to hear. It’s progress.

This time last year was filled with rage, and violence, holes in walls and attempted beatings of little brothers and disappearences for days at a time. It involved calls to bail-bondspersons and dropping out of high school and constant, interminable gut wrenching worries. Fears for lives, endless wondering what sort of fresh hell would this family go through.

Now? He’s finishing high school. He’s living elsewhere, with someone who doesn’t care enough about him to worry, but enough to allow him to sleep inside. He’s going to church, twice a week (!!1!!!1), and calls his mother once a week just to say hello. No holes in walls, no accusations, no bail-bondspersons. He’s on track to graduate. He’s…I dunno…back.

He’s violated my trust enough that I’m sceptical. I take it as it comes with him. Yes, he’s on track to graduate, but I’ll believe it when I see him walking down the aisle to get his diploma. He wants NADC and they don’t take GED’s so I’m comfortable that he’ll graduate, just not writing a check against it, so to speak. He’s behaving well, but I’m going to be wary for a long, long time.

Will blasted CJ when he was here. Wanted to know what the hell he was thinking with that truck? Did he(CJ) know how badly he (Will) would have loved a truck like that? When Will was 18, he bought a POS Blazer for $700, and absolutely babied it, treated it like a precious, precious thing because it was His Way To Go, and he kept it going, too. It should have fallen apart, but Will’s treatment…he knew what he had with his Way To Go. So, Will has NO sympathy at ALL for CJ and his truck drama. And no one can be unsympathetic the way an older brother can.

The good news with CJ and NADC, is that his grandparents live only 2-1/2 hours from Nashville, so perhaps he can spend holidays with them. Since he’s 10 hours from here, and pride is currently preventing him from considering a bus ticket home.


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2 Responses to Say, what’s up with CJ?

  1. Bella Rum says:

    (whisper) Methinks someone is maturing. This is all good, and I’d enjoy it for a while. Nice.

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