Preacher Came a’callin’

Is there anything better than a good nights sleep and waking up next to your honey? No? I didn’t think so.

The preacher and his wife came for a visit last night. There is something inherently delightful about a preacher who wears a motorcycle jacket and drives a car that runs on vegetable oil (a 1983 diesel Mercedes that didn’t even need any modification to do so). It’s like a doughnut shop pulling into your driveway. He pays $1 a gallon, and gets about 20 mpg with it.

Peaches is a nut. She laughs to loud, talks too much, and wants to take me to Charleston because it’s ever so much nicer than Savannah. She insisted on cuttings from a few of my roses, and was alarmed by the horrific noises the dogs were making.

We’d crated the dogs before they came, because 4 dachshunds is overwhelming if you’re not used to them. Then 2 of the dogs decided it was time to make their “It’s a haunted house and we’re demons fixing to melt the walls” noises. dumb dogs. they have no couth. The cats were all “HEY! People!” and Roxie, who was outside, was in “Big Protective Mean Houndawg” mode and I’m pretty sure they were questioning our sanity on the way home. He did, however, reassure me that it was fine for me to question anything…and he’d do his best to answer even if all he could say was “I don’t know”.

Today she and I are going to lunch. Have I ever said how odd it is to me to have someone make the active effort toward friendship? I have always been the seeker, with limited results that have resulted in a rather quiet and…hm…solitary way of life. My rule is that I issue an invite 3 times, and if it isn’t returned, I drop the issue. And here she is, inviting *me*! I’m…verklempt. Don’t quite know how to handle it, except to go along as best I can. So, lunch. plus she forgot and left her purse here last night.

Anyway…right now I can’t tell if it’s seriously friendship she’s looking for, or if she’s one of these extremely friendly open hearted types of women who collects people, or what. I’m treading softly, tho from what I’ve seen she’s not a gossipy type (important for me, gossip gives me hives), and we do share alot in common, art, sewing, etc.

I had a discussion with the preacher last night, he asked if we had questions and I opened my mouth about the thing that had been festering, that bit about Predestination and The Elect, and how I’m still really iffy about that, not sure at all that’s how I see God. He admitted that no one really can understand The Mind of God, but this was how he saw it. I said I still wasn’t sure I agreed with him, that I understood his logic based on scriptures, but just wasn’t sure I agreed. He said there was room for that and as long as I didn’t…y’know…throw eggs at him during a sermon he was ok with someone disagreeing. I promised no eggs, but didn’t promise not to speak up during Sunday School, as not speaking up when I had a question/disagreement would be akin to stifling a sneeze. Can’t do it, bad for the health.

So there we are. We meet with the elders of the church on Wednesday, for a Q/A on the fundamentals of belief, and they’ll decide if or not to admit us to the church. Pastor’s pretty sure we’ll get in, as long as something hinky doesn’t come up (y’know, like when he asked me if Terry was a sinner, and I said “yes, but he’s the good kind”…)


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5 Responses to Preacher Came a’callin’

  1. I didn’t much like church as a kid but if I had this guy as a pastor , I would have loved it 🙂

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I think she wants to be friends. She sounds delightful to me. Enjoy your lunch.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Interviewed for church? I find the concept odd.
    Ladies having lunch now that’s something I understand.

    • rootietoot says:

      It’s a Reformed church…Calvinist. You can come all you want, but can’t join/take communion until the leadership knows you hold the essential beliefs of Christianity. It is kind of odd, thinking about it,, but I like the idea of them knowing where we stand, and us knowing where they stand. You’d be amazed at how *close* people are there, how they really look out for each other, and all. Last church we were in, no one even noticed each other.

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