Just the other day, as I was whining about being cold because it was COLD here, I made some comment about requiring some of those jammies that had feet and all. Granted, I’d look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy…those things would make Pamela Anderson look silly(er). Anyway, I was thinking at least I’d be warm, right?


Well here I am, just now watching the news and an add for these comes on.Not only is it made of fleece, but the footies zip off if your feet get hot (like that would ever happen to me!), AND there’s mitts! And a HOOD! And it’s PINK so I’d never have to worry about the boys borrowing it! A PLUS!

Then I thought…how sexist is that…it only comes in pink! The only man who could wear it would have to be either exceedingly secure in his masculinity, or denying it entirely.

Then I wondered what would happen if I were wearing it during the day and Lisa dropped in for a visit? She’d totally want one! I’d need a spare! What if the Fed Ex dude stopped by? He already thinks I’m cracked.

So I thought about the people I know who live in really cold places. NorthernGirl and LabMunkay both live in the Great White North, JerseyChick is in North Georgia and has 3 kids who would probably LOVE something like this.

HoodieFootie ought to pay me an endorsement fee, because seriously I WANT ONE.


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  1. Bella Rum says:

    I would be way to hot in that. Those days are gone for me… not to mention that I’d look like a pink school bus. Ha!

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