a blast from the past

I love it when I find out someone (who’s dropped off my radar) is still alive. I also wonder why I found that out.

Here’s what happened: someone I barely knew in High School (I moved from Georgia to Alabama the summer before my senior year, so started at a new school and didn’t really make many friends, as I just wanted to graduate and get out of there) contacted me through facebook. I mean, I sort of remember her, tho to be honest, hadn’t thought about her at ALL since graduating HS, and there she is making a friend request. Ok, I thought. Why not? Turns out she’s now dating the fellow I dated for about 4 months in HS…so I’m wondering if he put her up to it or something. Whatever.

Nope, no torch there for him at all. I really liked him, but it wasn’t what you’d call a hot n heavy romance thing…he was someone to do stuff with and I liked him, that was all. I wondered about him off and on through the years, what he’d done with himself and all, was he married or whatever, did he die in a horrible and tragic accident, did he sacrifice himself on a Satanic altar (no wait, Satanists sacrifice others, not themselves…or something). Anyway, there she is, with pictures of him and her having a ball in NYC, and I’m thinking Wow! Awesome! I am genuinely happy to see that he’s alive and well, looking pretty much the same as the rest of us (that’s to say, *exactly* like we did 27 years ago only with grey hair and life written on our faces)

It was good to catch up with her as well, she was nice to me in HS, but we weren’t y’know…bosom buddies. I don’t recall that we ever actually *did* anything together beyond having a couple of classes and both being in the band. She looks disgustingly like she did 27 yrs ago.

Anyway, I find the whole thing to be somewhat amusing, and look forward to seeing how it will all play out.


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One Response to a blast from the past

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I joined FB a couple of months ago but didn’t last long.

    I did receive an email from a friend that I haven’t seen since high school though. It was kind of nice to hear from her. She got my email from someone on the reunion committee. It is interesting to find out what has happened to people.

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