Terry thinks NADC might be just the ticket for CJ. Because he’ll be paying cash-as-he-goes, he won’t have to have all the money (via loan promises, etc) up front, if he runs out of money he can drop out for a unit and work until he has it, then come back. It’s run like a boot camp, very strict, dorms in the middle of campus with security, nightly checks, etc. They’ll find him a job at Jiffy Lube or some such, and if his grades start to drop, they’ll arrange with his boss to take a leave, find him a tutor and get his grades back up.

He won’t need a car, as the campus is small and right in the middle of Nashville, that has a bus service.

They admit that their technical training isn’t any better than a good public school, but they teach professionalism, self discipline, and a strong work ethic. The average wage of their graduates is $20-$24/hr…not too shabby for a 13 month program. Caterpillar and Allis are their primary post-program employers, and they have a policy of only hiring students with a better than 97% attendence…they want people who will show up to work.

The attendence policy is strict. If you miss more than 7 days(not 7 days in a row, 7 days) the entire 13 month program, you’re out. Period. Don’t get sick.

I asked about holidays, they told Terry that there were about 120 kids who didn’t go home for Thanksgiving, so the single faculty held a Thanksgiving dinner/party for them. There were 8 or 9 kids who came out of the foster program, and had no where to go for Christmas, so faculty adopted them for the holiday. That speaks well for the faculty there.

He is(and I am) feeling much better about this. It’s the discipline thing. If it works for CJ all depends on how willing he is to listen and follow directions…not his strongest character quality.

Oh…in one of the classes each student gets an engine to tear down and rebuild. They have to do it by the book, exactly. Each student has a manual. One student in the class has an incorrect manual. No one knows who that is, except the teacher. If the student with the incorrect manual puts his engine together correctly, he fails, because he didn’t follow the manual.

Ok, so laugh at all my angst of the last week. I readily admit it was overwrought and…y’know. Other stuff. Terry thinks we should do waht we need to make this happen for CJ, and he’s a wise man where this is concerned.


Oh… out of 1700 students on campus? 18 women. CJ fancies himself a Ladies Man. He might have trouble with that kind of competition.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    If a mother doesn’t worry up down and sideways and if a mother isn’t what-iffing into tomorrow she needs to rethink how she really feels about her babies.

    You’re a good mother. 🙂

  2. JerseyChick says:

    What does CJ say about the discipline and ladies/guys ratio? Is he ok about being w/o a car, and not coming home for holidays? It sounds like an awesome situation, especially since it’s 13 months!

    • rootietoot says:

      well right now he’s all gung ho about it. Even the being without a car bit…but tomorrow? who knows. He has until May 15, after that he won’t get his deposit back. I admit to being deeply amused by the men:women ratio. He’s never had that kind of competition before, and I don’t know how he’d handle it. The women who go to Automotive Tech school aren’t exactly ditzy blondes, either. We talked about holidays and most likely he’d stay there for Thanksgiving, and we’d get him a bus ticket home for Christmas. I mean, it’s one year, he’d probably have a wonderful time that one T’giving.

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