phhht I spit in the face of adversity. I laugh on it’s grave and fart in it’s general direction.

Heat? Who needs stinkin’ heat? I DON’T!

We were all toasty warm last night, each of us with a couple of animals and an extra blanket, we were all comfy warm and whine-free. Even tho the outside temp dropped to 25 and the inside was a balmy 60…60!! Yes people, thanks to Terry’s forsight last Spring to take a bit of loose money laying around and purchase storm windows for the drafty barn we live in, our abode is now tight as a drum and never dropped below the 55 low it hit yesterday late, and even warmed up a little with the help of a space heater in the living room.

That doesn’t stop him from worrying. He called this morning, all full of advice “Drink lots of hot tea, (yes dear) and fix something warm and filling for breakfast (THANK YOU DEAR) and make sure you…” (I KNOW DEAR, THANK YOU I CAN HANDLE THIS)

He means well and feels like A Bad Husband for leaving us in this horrible dire predicament. I mean seriously folks, Pa Ingalls dragged his family across freakin’ MINNESOTA in a CANVAS WAGON in JANUARY without a second thought, I honestly think we’ll be fine in South Georgia for a day or two. It’s what those fine, fine fleecy slippers I got for Christmas were made for! It’s why boys have body hair and high metabolisms! It’s what chili exists to do! IT’S WHY WE HAVE DOGS!

I am highly amused by the situation. I am sure if I were my friend in North Dakota, and this had happened, it would be different, but she has family there she can camp with, and the odds of the heat going out in everyone’s houses are slim…so she has a backup plan ,and must because as I was griping to her about the situation she gently reminded me that I lived in the South, and it was -25 where she lived. (translation: shut UP you privileged princess!)

So, now that I’m up, I’ll go out in to the bitter, bitter cold, save a 3/4 frozen Indian wrapped in an elk hide, gather some wood and attempt to light a fire in the soddy we found last night. I’ll melt some bear grease to pour over the last of the corn mush, and we’ll all sit around and stare at the wounded Indian on the floor…oh wait…that’s Laura Ingalls.

I guess instead of that, I’ll pour myself another cup of hot coffee, ponder grits or oats for breakfast, and decide if I want to buy groceries this morning, or wait until later in the day.

**Edited to add**
Guess what, all we had to do was change the batteries in the wall thermostat. The heat is back. While I feel silly for it, I am thankful it was something so simple.


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5 Responses to

  1. Bro. Scott says:

    We just barely got out of bed, are stiff, sore, itchy, cold and grumpy. South Georgia … how ’bout North Florida. It’s colder here. A big stinking failure of expectations. If we lived in Minnesota we’d suck it up and make nice with our circumstances. Here in Sunny Florida we whine because most of us left the frozen North hoping to avoid the cold for good. Weh.

  2. JerseyChick says:

    the wall thermostat has batteries?

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Glad it was only batteries. Who knew?

    It’s cold here too. Haven’t had an honest to goodness winter for a while. I kind of like it, but I haven’t lost my heat. I’m sure I’d be whining if I did.

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