Terry and CJ are headed toward Nashville, to the NADC open house tomorrow. ok technically Terry is going to North Georgia to CJ this afternoon, then they’re going to Nashville. Anyway. I did some research, looking at public tech schools and yes, they’re a good bit less expensive than NADC…however…they don’t have dorms. CJ really isn’t ready, IMO, to have the responsibility of keeping up with bill paying, etc. I mean, he locks himself out of the house constantly, runs out of gas all the time, gets himself beat up every Friday night (well maybe not EVERY, but certainly more often than I ever did). I simply am not convinced that he’s ready to be remembering to pay the power, water and rent. Nor do I think he’ll look at his bank account, say “oh I have bills next week” and not spend that money on beer and women.

A dorm would ease him into a little responsibility. A weekly meal ticket would mean he’d have enough to eat, a box of ramen and a microwave would mean he’d have something to eat when he’d used up the meal ticket. It’s just that…the dorms+meals are $175 a week. And neither he nor we have that kind of money floating around. He would have it if he didn’t have to pay tuition. Scholarship, please?

So I did some figuring. A public tech school is cheaper, yes. But, no dorms thus he’d have to find an apartment, trailer, something. He’s have to remember to buy food for himself, and learn how to do that efficiently. he’d have to learn how to cook something more interesting than ramen or scrambled eggs. It can be done, I wrote a cookbook for Will when he moved out and I could make a copy for CJ. He’d have to remember to pay his bills unless by some miracle he found a place that included utilities. They exist. I would even be willing to manage his money for him, pay the rent etc.

So we’ll see. My real hope is that he’ll see that NADC just isn’t easily affordable, and he may not have time while he’s there to work a job that would pay his living expenses. $175 a week=$350/2 wks or $700/mo. Doable, but not easy.

But then, nothing really worthwhile ever is easy, is it.

Heck of it is, if he had sucked it up last year, made the 3.0 and not dropped out, made the 3.0 this year (and God knows he’s smart enough, he makes the test grades but is too lazy to do the projects so his grades are low) he could have gotten Hope scholarship to any of the good tech schools here in Ga, and had plenty of money for living expenses…dumbass.

I guess the upshot is that NADC looks like a good setup, it’s highly thought of, they have a high employment rate for their graduates, they help their students find jobs while they’re in school…all pluses. It’s just that…it all boils down to money. Doesn’t it always?


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    …”my son is the Village Idiot” and dumbass?
    Waiting on the final outcome. *grin*

  2. rootietoot says:

    but I do love him, very much. I just try to be realistic.

  3. Stone Fox says:

    i’m stuck somewhere between, “well, you know him best” and, “if you don’t make him do it for himself, he’ll never know if he can.”

    i’m a fat lot of help, i know.

    • rootietoot says:

      That is exactly where I’m stuck, too. Right now he’s accusing of squashing his dreams. We just want him to *want* it bad enough to make it happen for himself.

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