I am a planner. No, not one of those Dave Tutera wannabes who likes to spend jillions of $$ on someone’s over the top wedding. Occasionally I plan a party for someone, and cook the food, that’s alot of fun, but doesn’t pay much…I mean, one or two parties a year? I could make a business out of it, it IS alot of fun, but…not so interested in doing parties for people I don’t like, and that would be required of a business.

What I mean, is, I always have a backup plan. What to do if *X* happens and the Sheriff calls, or if #4 breaks his arm in school and I’m in Atlanta, or if (God forbid!) Terry fell over from a heart attack and was out of work for a couple of months or even (AARGH!) dead…I Have A Plan.

Just to keep from becoming Morbid Mildred, I make happy plans as well. 2011 will see our 25th anniversary, and I’m already plotting a trip for the other half of Route 66, from Amarillo to Los Angeles. I’m making plans for another trip to Manhattan. We went in 2002 and had a fantastic time. Now we want to go at Christmas and see the window displays and the lights on Dyker Street in Brooklyn. I want a bagel with lox and cream cheese form that bakery on 9th. O people, the food we ate. Hole in the wall sandwich shops with a miracle of a tuna sandwich, a Vietnamese place with this pulled pork/rice stuff in a banana leaf, Greek, holy cow…the food. The buskers were much higher quality than the ones in Savannah…I mean, really, they were selling their own CDs and I still listen to them. There was this guy playing classical guitar on the steps of the Natural History Museum…man he was good. I need to dig out the pictures I took and do a post. I don’t know when we’ll get up there, but I guarentee that we will. My only wish is that we would be able to take the kids, now that they’re old enough to not really worry about, and would have an appreciation for it all. We could even tell them to go where they want, and we’ll meet them back at the hotel that night, or something. Except for #4, of course, but he’d get a kick out of the museums.

Making those kinds of plans helps balance the Sheriff/school emergency stuff.

What do you do for a backup plan?


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