Happy Birthday To You!

Today is Terry’s 46th birthday! Wheee!

I firmly believe, because I’m funny that way, that 46 years ago God let someone be born into this world with the knowledge that the child would eventually marry someone born a year later, that the two of them would have babies, and trials and wonderful joys together.

There’s too many coincidences…such as

My father taught at University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, and Terry had decided to become a veterinarian, and attend school there. Then, in 1982, Dad moved to Auburn. In 1982, Terry changed his mind and decided to go to Georgia Tech, where my brother was, and lived just down the hall from him in the dorm. Then, due to financial difficulties, Terry had to leave Ga Tech, but eventually wound up at Auburn, studying chemistry, where Dad was good friends with a couple of the Chem profs, and where Terry wandered into some Freaks Club one January evening, and I happened to be wearing my most fetching gown. (A black and white particolored linen coutehardi, with a grey fur houpelande, cira 1400-ish Venice)

the rest, as they say, is history.

Terry is the man who made my most Cherished Christmas gift: a big box that looks just like a button, he made it out of scrap wood, that Christmas we had absolutely no money, and I still smile every time I look at it.

He’s the man who picked up the slack when I was so deeply depressed that I could barely get out of the chair, even tho we had 3 very small children and I wasn’t behaving rationally. He’s the one who never ran screaming into the sunset, who never made me feel worthless even tho I already felt that way, who always said he loved me, even when I was screaming and throwing things.

He’s the man who showed the boys all about cars, how to fix them, how to drive them, why a Chevy is pretty much always superior to a Ford.

He’s the one who, whenever I sigh and say something like “gee, I wish I had (whatever)”, moves heaven and earth to make it happen. I have learned to control my mouth and not take (too terribly) much advantage of that.

We’ve been together now for 24 years, married 23 of them, ever since that wonderful potroasted booze fest “you know this means I’m obligated to marry you” night…

Happy Birthday Sweet Daddio Terry Love of My Life Father of My Children Best Friend Ever!


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday To You!

  1. Awww…happy BD Sweet Daddio. Here’s to many, many more!

  2. OMG! You guys are so sweet. Happy birthday Terry , from a stranger 🙂

  3. You two were made for each other! This was the happiest, love-filled post ever 🙂



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