Just few more days…

#4 goes back to school on Thursday. What a ridiculous day to start back at school Why not next Monday? Why not THIS monday, today? Because they said so, that’s why.

The holiday has been pretty good…nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, no one got really sick or had a crisis, there was food, no weird weather or explosions, just an unremarkable couple of weeks, which in it’s way, is very, very nice.

CJ and Terry are going to Nashville Friday. The school CJ decided IS THE VERY BEST EVER OMG I HAVE TO GO THERE OR I’LL DIE!!!1!!1 is in Nashville and the open house/scholarship testing is on Saturday. My sincerest hope is that he’ll discover there’s no way he can afford it, or that his BEST FRIEND EVER OMG HE’S THE VERY BEST IN MY WHOLE LIFE(since October)!!!1!!1 has decided *he* can’t afford to go there, so perhaps it won’t be so attractive to CJ…you know…it’s a private technical school, not cheap, and if he goes there he’ll have to work, too, to pay living expenses room and board, etc. It would be very hard on him. Of course, he may need hard, but I’d rather see him in a good public tech school, where he *could* afford the tuition *and* living expenses for the 2 years required. But you can’t tell him that because NADC is IS THE VERY BEST EVER OMG I HAVE TO GO THERE OR I’LL DIE!!!1!!1 Fortunately, CJ’s moods about such things are decidedly mercurial. 6 weeks ago it was all TULSA WELDING TULSA WELDING OMG I WANT TO GO TO TULSA WELDING!!!1!!1 Then before that was ITC ITC!!!1!!1 Right now I think it’s NADC (Nashville Automotive and Diesel College) because the recruiter blew smoke up his ass and gave him a hat. He’s got the money for tuition, OR for living expenses, but not both. If he can get a full scholarship (they award one a year and while CJ’s good, I don’t think he’s THAT good) he could go and be fine…but anything less than a full or maybe a 1/2 scholarship, and he just won’t have the money. And, we have this hard and fast policy that College Is Yours..You pay for it, we’ll help, but in order for you to OWN it, you need to pay for it. Now, before you start blasting away at our cruelty, each of the kids has a trust fund that pays enough money to provide tuition OR living expenses to a good public school, but not enough for both, and we want them to work for what they need.

So, CJ’s drama continues to unfold in our lives. At least the parole thing is over, and all the other boys? Doing great. Will has announced his plans to enroll in the Culinary School here in the Spring. AstroGirl has been working in cahoots with me, to encourage that.

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One Response to Just few more days…

  1. Bella Rum says:

    “an unremarkable couple of weeks” What I’d do for that.

    We have an only child who told me (after 4 years of tuition and living expenses) that he “could” have worked and paid for it himself. I said, “You can always pay us back if you’re so inclined.” That was over ten years ago. Haven’t heard any more about it.

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