Rootie’s Cold Cure #4

Real pulpy lemonade with a double shot of Absolut Raspberri Vodka, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Company coming for supper. I have been mentally flip flopping around, because I can’t figure out if I have a cold or a bad case of allergies. It came on too suddenly for a cold, and I just had one recently so I can’t possibly be having another, plus I have plans to take her to Savannah tomorrow and there’s no WAY I could possibly be getting a cold with plans to go to Savannah, and try to get a res at Lady & Sons for lunch, and see Forsyth Park and all. I mean, that would be just RUDE. and wrong.

So instead, I dicker about, thanking whoever invented Puffs Plus so I can be blowing my nose constantly without it turning all red and chapped like it does when I get cheap and use toilet paper. I hope it’s allergies, because I’m cooking a meal and if it’s a cold I’ll make everyone in 2 households SICK and that would be really bad.

Plus, I’m tired of whining about infirmities all the time. It’s time to PERK UP and be talking about happy stuff! Like FALL and The Fair Parade and my goodness, Rasberri Absolut is amazing in lemonade. Srsly…you should try it. Now, I don’t normal indulge in such whimsicle frivolities as Raspberri Absolute, but Terry recently contracted to buy something like $3million in chemicals from our friend Todd (who was our friend long before Terry bought chemicals from him, and remained so even when he wasn’t buying ANYTHING from him at all), and as a politically correct Thank You, Todd brought me a ginormous bottle of Rasberri Absolut. Terry isn’t allowed to accept Graft and Corruption, alas, so the only sort of Thank You For Your Business Todd can give him is dinners out and bottles of expensive booze. No trips, no permanent anything like cut crystal or new cars or what have you…just food stuffs and maybe the occasional football game ticket. Todd understands my love for vodka, as I share it with his wife (who’s heckalotta fun to go to a football game with even tho she looks like a 5’2″ Barbie Doll. Her skinny self wears “Large Calf For Large Women boots to the games so she can shove booze bottles in them and smuggle them into the games. I wear Large Calf boots because I have to.)

Anyway, thanks to the lemonade and vodka, I am feeling perky and ready for company. The pork loin is slow cooking on the grill, the taters are in the oven, and the salad is made and ready to be dressed. Life is good, allergies be DAMNED.



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One Response to Rootie’s Cold Cure #4

  1. Raspberry absolute is awesome! I drank some on my birthday 🙂

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