Feeling better, tho still honking

I spent yesterday on the couch, I mean ,the whole entire day, watching Netflix movies and drinking hot tea. David fixed dinner (voluntarily, bless him!), Eli dealt with the dogs and cats (bless him!).

Netflix endorsement: Oh yes, love Netflix, both the movies that come in the mail and the Instant Play variety. I watched 4 episodes of Saving Grace (I’ve always been a fan of Holly Hunter) and Watchmen (bleh…I mean, really bleh. Noir at it’s worst. I kept watching it hoping it would improve, that the characters would develop and they didn’t. The best one of the bunch was Dr. Manhattan and he was computer generated and emotionless),
and Law and Order SVU because I really like the characters and how not only is there a legal mystery but the individual characters have stories that you follow. Plus Ice-T, who was a CRAPPY actor at the beginning has improved, and they’re expanding his character as well. That’s what I did all day, in my seersucker croaker sack of a dress, with hot tea and cheese and crackers. I’m craving salt. Love crackers. Triscuits. yes.

So, I’ve discovered that when I have a cold, if I take a day and do absolutely NOTHING I’ll feel better the next day, and I do. Not 100%, still sneezing and blowing, but definitely better. I might even do something today, like breathe all over everyone’s food so they can share in my misery. Spread the love, doncha know. It’s Saturday, so theoretically everyone is home, except that they’re not.

Terry spent Thursday with a production company making a movie of his processes for a safety something-something in Orlando in the Fall, some convention thing with booth babes and all (they didn’t ask me to be a booth babe *pout*), which meant he didn’t get anything done that day, so he’s at work today, doing what he didn’t do then.

#4 is asleep, having stayed up until after midnight, so he could play on the computer and watch a movie. He had been grounded from anything electronic on Tuesday, for not bringing home his homework, and the restriction was up Saturday, which he interpreted as midnight. My word, he’s a literalist like David. At least I know how to handle it now. I’m not even sure if David’s home or not. Now that he’s got that downstairs apartment with it’s own parking place, etc, and I’m not going to violate his privacy by checking up on him, I’ll find out when he wanders in looking for food. he’s 19, folks, time to treat him like an adult, doncha know. Will brought AstroGirl over for supper Wednesday. I like her more and more. She’s calm, and sensible, with a quirky sense of humor.

So today, I’m feeling better, thanks to Sudafed and Tylenol and copious pots of coffee (well, that itty bitty coffee maker, the big percolator is Dead.) So I make and make and make coffee and drink and drink, and it makes me sweat and hyper and yelling at the cats (Gracie crashed the guest room, broke some stuff and I don’t even know why the door was open), but i am feeling SO much better.


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1 Response to Feeling better, tho still honking

  1. SuperBee says:

    A Netflix Insta-Recommendation – The Duchess of Duke Street. Get through the first couple of episodes, and it hooked me. It’s on the Roku!

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