Saturday Morning

Get this. I woke up at 4am. 4 in the flamin’ AM! And I liked it! it wasn’t the “oh no it’s 4 am and I’m still tired why O why can’t I sleep?” 4am, it was the “Wow! 4 am and I feel fantastic!” Of course, I didn’t get up, because there’s just something not quite right about that, and the coffee maker doesn’t come on until 5 and there’s not much in this world that annoys me more than having to wait for coffee. So I made myself go back to sleep, for that “you’ve slept too much” headache and a recurrence of the dream I have occasionally, where I’m in a new school and none of the classrooms make sense and I can’t find my locker. At least this time I had my clothes on. This time even the teachers, who I asked about finding my classroom, admitted that the system didn’t make sense. See, at this school, rather than having each grade on a hall, the grades were all mixed up, with kindergartners sharing a hall with 11th graders, and the art room was next to the basketball room.


It was a dream, ok, nothing made real sense. So I woke up at 6, wondering yet again what that dream meant. I believe those dreams, the ones where I can’t find my way, happen when I am trying to make a major decision and I’m not sure of what to do. This time, it’s school. do I want to do it? yes I do. How do I want to do it? online classes-expensive but convenient? Or actually go to the physical campus of our local university, sit in a room with other people, breathe their infected air and have to hunt for a parking place? But pay half (or less) the price? The online schools will allow me to write an essay and include “life experience” for course credit. The physical school won’t. Since I’m not actually thinking about a *degree*, but really just wanting to take classes for my own personal edification, I could see about auditing courses at the local school, not getting course credit, but getting the information. I’m not sure, what if Terry suffers a catastrophic disaster and I need to go to work? I’ll need a degree. oh well.

I bounced out of bed at 6, I never *bounce* out of bed. I slog, for an hour, waiting to wake up, wishing for another hour of sleep. Not today, nor for the past…I dunno, month or so. BOING! I’m awake. Man, I love this new medication. Trileptal, I’d marry you if it were legal. I even fixed Terry breakfast (sausage biscuits, don’t get too excited, it was those frozen biscuits) and packed his lunch. He commented on how nice it is that I’m waking up with energy and a degree of passion (for life, this is Not That Kind of Blog), instead of being such a slug. He amended that statement quickly to say that, while it was very nice that I was fixing him breakfast these days, that wasn’t why he has happy to see me up, he just enjoys seeing me energetic and full of spark. Yeah, I kind of like it too.

I have resumed work on the planned sculpted nativity. The angel is finished, quite some time ago. and yesterday I sat down at my desk, radio on NPR (which reminded me how much I dislike modern “classical” music…have those people never heard of a “melody”?) and made Mary, Mother of Jesus. Poor thing, she looks so tired, but don’t we all, after having a baby? And she had to ride on a donkey 9 months pregnant, too. Bless her heart. I got Joseph’s head made, he looks kind of Turkish, so I’m not sure. I may use the head on a shepherd instead. I have to say I love my pasta roller. It’s fantastic for blending colors (I can’t find a skin tone I like already mixed, it’s either too dark or too European, so I have to mix my own), and for making ‘cloth’ in perfect thin sheets that are consistent and drapey. It takes about 4 hours to make a figure, since I am making these a little bigger than the ones in the past. I’ve learned how to make them stronger, and how to place the elements so they won’t break off, but still look fairly natural. Wow it feels good to be creative again.

Terry has to work today. Apparently, the Almighty They decided to make a video detailing the fancy-pants process that Terry developed for making his Special Fabric, to show in their booth at the National Safety Something-Something Show in Orlando coming up in the fall, and El Presidente is nervous about the plant looking nice, so they have to spend today cleaning up, painting, etc. Terry thinks it’s kind of silly, because the plant already looks as nice as a textile plant can look and still be functional, but he caught El Presidente in his office trying to tidy it up…so, today he’s in his office, boxing up samples and cleaning it up. Tomorrow he and I are going in to hang all these pictures he has and make the office look as nice as an office can given it’s yellowy white walls and pipes all over the place, not that they’re going to film his office but you never know. We discussed what he should wear. He was thinking blue oxford cloth shirt and khaki pants, but I think a stronger color is in order, so we picked out a french blue shirt instead. Of course, I’ll have to iron it, but it’s a good color on him. They want him in the video, so they say, and have hired this production company to make it. My husband, The Movie Hunk. yay!

I don’t know what I am going to do with all this energy today. The lawn needs mowing, but the weather threatens. Maybe I’ll finish up Joseph and make the Baby Jesus. Jesus will be easy- a head with a blob body, wrapped in white. I love making babies, all google eyes with their thumb in their mouth. They’re easy and fun. It pleases me to make Jesus look like a real baby, kind of confused and “what am I doing here”-ish. I don’t really approve of the Renaissance baby Jesus- fat and worldly and so very ..y’know…White. My figures are pretty Semitic, black curly hair, darkish skin, because they weren’t natives of Norway. Biblically, Jesus was an ordinary looking man, which means for the region, he was short, stocky, and dark. So, I make the figures so. I might make a different angel, because I am not entirely happy with the one I have now.

Maybe today I’ll cook. Maybe I’ll get food cooked up for the week so I really *can* focus on sculpting, and not have to quit at 3 to fix supper. Maybe I’ll write a post on politics, and shock the world with my insight and well thought out opinions. Or not.


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3 Responses to Saturday Morning

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I wish I had you here with all that energy. I have a ton of things to do that I’m sure you could make disappear post haste. Seriously, I’m glad the meds are working for you.

  2. jerseechik says:

    1.Can I get SD’s autograph after he is in the movie, and 2.Do I have to call you “Dr. Rootie” once you wow ’em at college and 3.How much is David willing to cough up to keep you out of the classes he’ll be taking? 😉

    • rootietoot says:

      I’m sure he’ll give an autograph, Please don’t call me Dr Rootie unless you get me a TV show where I can call people out for egregious stupidity, and there’s NO fear of taking classes with David, because he’s in Engineering and i don’t do maths.

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